7 Ways to Get Your Product Reach Wider on Instagram

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Instagram is a popular social media platform that is recently being used to promote businesses. People consume the digital platform and advertisements in large amounts leading to the increasing popularity of Instagram as a marketing method. Surveys suggest that Instagram has 15 times more engagement than Facebook. Hence, including Instagram in one’s marketing strategy is a no-brainer. Before any product is launched, marketing experts suggest creating anticipation using digital channels. Doing so helps to increase engagement on Instagram and get more potential leads. If you need ideas to increase your product reach on Instagram and let your existing Instagram followers know, you are at the right place. You can even get the desired growth by buying Instagram followers from some of the best sites for the same. In this article, we will be looking at ways to increase product reach using Instagram only, Ready for cashing your business and a highly reliable customer pool? Let’s jump right into it and make some more money.

Create Custom Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to group ideas and create a community. They enable people to find others that are talking about the same topic too. If you use the appropriate hashtags, you can reach more people. The key here is to include hashtags with a good search rate. However, take care not to include hashtags whose top posts have way more likes than yours. If you use hashtags that are searched for and that you can compete in, your posts have a good chance of getting ranked. However, be sure to include only relevant hashtags. These hashtags could describe your product or its use.

Post When Your Audience is the Most Active

Instagram Analytics offers numerous insights into your account and helps you know about your audience. If you can leverage Instagram analytics and its data, you can easily increase engagement on Instagram. Based on your previous posts and engagement, Instagram shows you details about your audience. These include demographics and a graph showing your audience’s most active time. Sometimes these details might shock you and it is better than experimenting blindly.

Engage with Your Competitors’ Instagram Followers

Your competitors’ Instagram followers are your potential clients. You need to tell them about your product/service because they are clearly interested in your niche. When you find and interact with them, it increases your leads and could lead to an increase in Instagram followers. Using the best sites to buy active instagram followers is the pro tip from some of the top marketers. 

Influencer Marketing

Unlike the previous methods we discussed, this method includes additional investment costs. You can ask an influencer in your niche to feature or promote your product in exchange for free products or payment. The results of influencer marketing are dramatic, which leads to popular brands using this tactic. To find accounts with the most engagement in your niche, you can type in keywords, hashtags, and company names. Once you follow an account, Instagram will show you similar accounts that you can follow. After you zero in on an influencer for promotion, contact them via email or DM. The industry cost of sponsored posts depends on factors like niche, engagement rate, and audience size. Rest assured, influencer marketing is cheaper than other advertising options.

Host Contests To Encourage Discussions

Contests that call for a CTA are clever ways to increase engagement on Instagram. Before launching a product or after a successful event, host contests with interesting rewards to celebrate the occasion. This helps in increasing engagement and draws in more Instagram followers or potential leads. Some call-to-actions that yield high engagement are:-

  • Tag your friends in the comment section and mention why our product is the best.
  • To enter our contest, tag a friend who has the potential to be our next brand ambassador.
  • How do you plan to spend your weekend? Let us know in the comments below and get a chance to win a gift hamper.

Giveaway contests are fun and generate a lot of engagement, but take care not to overuse them. Host contests with a gap of a few months to keep things interesting. However, always include fun CTAs on your posts to ensure an increase in engagement on Instagram.

Leverage Instagram Live

When you go live, your account is highlighted on your followers’ feed and appears before others. Also, the LIVE logo lends prominence to your account and profile picture. Social media experts say that the more they went Live on Instagram, the more their other content received engagement. One reason attributed to this could be because Instagram followers visit their page more often after the notifications, even if they do not watch the Live. Instagram Live is not yet leveraged to its full potential. Hence, you could try it out for more engagement on Instagram.

Videos Over Pictures

Photos do get more likes compared to videos, but videos steal more comments. As per the Instagram algorithm, comments are valued over pictures. Surveys say that videos on average receive twice the amount of comments as photos. The video watch rate has increased considerably and is effective to provide more information in a shorter time. Hence, we would encourage you to post more videos compared to photos.


Instagram is an ever-changing platform and its ultimate focus is to increase the time users spend on the platform. If you can keep your audience engaged, the Instagram algorithm will boost your posts. Thus, the ultimate hack to increase engagement on Instagram is to keep your audience happy and satisfied. Happy Instagramming!


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