7 Ways Gamblers Lose Money Playing Online Casino

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It’s very easy to lose sight when gambling online and lose lots of money in the process. Read here to find how gamblers lose money and how to avoid it.

Ways gamblers lose money playing online casino

There is an old adage that goes “when the deal is too good, think twice”. Online casinos entice gamblers to play with plenty of bonuses or free tournaments. Some may be quite a deal, but you may end up losing a great deal of money in the process. Here we describe the ways that you can lose money when in online casinos and how you can minimize the risks when playing with a well-balanced gambling lifestyle.

1. Ensuring That Games Move at a Fast Pace

With fast-paced games, even with low wagers, you can lose a lot of money. These games may have great deals, but being fast-moving you can lose a lot, even with a tiny house advantage. There is a popular casino saying that goes “The house advantage can never be defeated; it can only be forgotten for periods of time”. Slots, mini-baccarat, and video poker are pretty fast-paced games. It’s wise to play these games with reasonably-sized bets. On the contrary, live dealer games are much slower as they involve real dealers and are hence comparatively less expensive. Fast-paced games reduce the time for reflection and self-stopping, influencing your rationality.

2. Even-Money Bets That Make You Feel like a Winner

Most online casinos will offer you even money bets to entice you to gamble more. Even money is when you place a stake and your winnings are equal to the stake. Even-money is also known as 50-50. So, if you bet 30 on Evens, you would win 30, which equates to Even-money. This is lower than say, odds of 3/1, which would triple your stake. The intent is to give the player the psychological comfort that he will lose a lot less but in reality, most even money bets are not identical.

3. Encourages Addiction

Digital technology innovations have rendered online casino gaming, according to experts, more addictive. Online gambling is creating problem gamblers. The time-consuming nature of electronic gaming machines also speeds up the onset of addiction, akin to any other form of addiction like drug addiction. The brain gets easily excited with wins and anticipates more wins, creating the perfect environment for the need for positive reinforcement.

4. It’s too easy!

Gambling is fairly simple to play at times with minimal mental effort. It is mostly a game of probabilities and chance. The simplicity of gambling makes people less cautious in placing wagers and makes them always trust that chance and wins will be in their favour. You can have a look at a variety of games at https://www.platincasino.co.uk and see how the games are simple to play. As simple as gambling is, you need a strategy, risk management, and discipline.

5. Timeless Environment

It is rather obvious that if you gamble for longer periods of time you are more likely to lose. If you play for long periods, you are likely to get tired, which will affect your judgment, and you will make a bad choice. That is true for any game, not only gambling. All games have a set time limit, and it’s for a reason; to rest and reset. Always set a time limit.

6. Giving out Bonuses to Chase Your Money

Casino bonuses always come with a list of rules that state how the bonus will be used; for instance, how many games you need to play. Often, you are asked to place a given number of wagers. This forces you to play more games than intended just to clear the bonus. Playing more games means spending more than planned. It’s good to read the terms and conditions associated with a gambling bonus, however long or boring. Always play with the money you have and set a limit. It’s always wise to approach bonuses cautiously.

7. Holding Free Tournaments for Customers

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Online casinos frequently hold free tournaments for both members and non-members. The free tournaments are mostly marketing gimmicks to get you hooked. The more you play the endless free online gambling tournaments, the more you are likely to gamble online and place real wagers. The free tournaments will get you more hours of playing online casino games and increase the probability that you will get hooked and lose more money than planned or anticipated.


Gambling can be addictive, but the good news is, as in any game one can play with maturity and caution to avoid potential gambling addiction pitfalls. The tips listed above will help you to be a well-informed player. It is Important to play responsibly, including being in control over your wellbeing to avoid dangers to your physical and psychological health. Having a balanced approach to life and play is key to a good quality of life.

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