7 Upcoming Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2022

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Web elements like navigation, content, visual design, etc., will always be there. However, new trends that shape these elements come up every year. Knowing the latest trends will help you make small tweaks to keep your website updated as a web designer or website owner.

Today, we take a look at the top trends and inspirations to expect in 2022. This article will help you update your web design knowledge and create on-point designs. Read on to know the newest web design trends and inspirations that you can incorporate into your website in 2022.

Let’s get started.

1. Cinema-Style Homepage

Many modern websites come with cinema-style homepages. These are full-screen video stories that quickly immerse users into the website. It is the perfect design element to introduce visitors to a website. It can grab attention and make users feel part of it within seconds.

You can also make your cinema-style homepage unique. For instance, you can use the slow-motion effect, vignettes, etc., to make it more appealing. This feature minimizes the amount of text you’ll need on the homepage. It is a perfect design trend to adopt in 2022.

2. Smart Content Load

User experience is one of the most significant factors for website success. Most websites are slow because website designers integrate heavy graphical and third-party elements. The good news is that you can develop a website that only loads what the user needs to see.

This technique has been in use by the top social media platforms for years. Adopting it in your website development plan will help you increase website loading speeds. It also will ensure that you create resource-saving websites and get better returns on your investment.

3. Personalized Content

Creating content that fits the customer’s interest, behavior and needs is an excellent decision. It can help get stunning results and improve your business. This is what Irwin said from Chromatix that web design these days has to win customer trust to bring the desired returns.

Personalized content gives customers confidence and trust in you. These two should be your primary areas of focus as you design websites in 2022. You can hire a web design agency to help you create marketing content. Working with professionals can help you create content that meets your target audience’s demands.

3. Light and Dark Mode Toggle

This is another excellent design element that should be in your plans for 2022. Many website designers do not know what giving a customer the ability to toggle between these modes can do. If you are skeptical about it, this feature is one of the best to enhance user experiences on your website.

You should ensure that your web design has color palettes for light and dark modes. Take the help of a color contrast checker to confirm your site meets WCAG color requirements. This will ensure that switching from one mode to another doesn’t affect visibility. Users enjoy using apps and websites that give them such control. Most devices support it, making it worth considering.  

4. Overlapping Design Elements

Design Elements

This is a perfect design trend but one that you must implement carefully. Modern design allows you to overlap design elements and not keep them in the same container instead. This design trend can help you build an organized and professional website with easily trackable components.

So, why should you be careful with overlapping designs? Well, it is easy to compromise your website’s readability while trying to adopt this design. You should ensure that every overlapping page remains readable. Also, ensure that the pages do collapse without affecting readability.

5. Human-Like Chatbots

Another feature that you should add to your web development plans is AI chatbots. Every business today wants to make customer interactions seamless. This trend has played a significant role in improving customer experiences over the years.

AI chatbots interact with customers like human agents. They understand user intent and can read where a customer is on the purchase journey. That makes them practical options for attracting leads, nurturing them, and pushing prospective customers down the sales funnel.

For businesses, investing in chatbots is one of the best ways to cut costs. A single chatbot can do work that several humans can do. This makes a chatbot worth considering in your 2022 website design plans.

6. Big Buttons

You can improve your website’s usability by including big buttons. Small buttons aren’t thumb-friendly, especially for users on small screens. The easiest way to improve user experience is to create big buttons on all your website’s versions. It will boost navigation and feature accessibility.

In addition, you can also differentiate the buttons using colors. That will reduce the chances of users interacting with the wrong elements on your website. However, we cannot overstate the benefits that come with big buttons. But then, it is a perfect web design trend to add to your plans for 2022.

7. Modern Minimalism

Flat or minimalist designs are slowly becoming popular in the website development industry. As a web designer, you need to adopt a minimalist design to increase your website’s appeal. But then, many people think a minimalist design is all about having fewer elements and lots of white space.

Well, white space is significant when adopting a minimalist design. However, 2022 could see website designers experimenting with colorful minimalist designs. Many companies look to stand out from the crowd by breaking the industry monotony of white space.

However, a minimalist design will succeed if you make every page easy-on-the-eye. Also, choose a bold color that will grab attention and add some character to your website design.


The online world today is vast and saturated with websites. To be successful, you must first stand out from the crowd. This makes good web designs not just nice to have but essential. It can be tricky to provide a fantastic user experience if you do not have a good strategy. It is also important to check out the best design agencies in the world and take your pick in designing your website.

As a website designer, the tips discussed in this article can help take your design game a notch higher. Thankfully, you won’t need to restart website development from scratch to incorporate them. You can use them to update the specific areas you feel are lacking on your website.


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