7 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Cabin Air Filter Warnings

Do you love your car a lot? Then, you must be very quick in responding to maintenance and regular care.

A survey of Australia showed that for every 1000 people, there are 740 cars. So, let’s look at why you should not ignore your cabin air filter warnings, and why it is important!

1. It results in making strange noises from the engine of your car!

Nobody likes weird noises coming out of their engines. So, if you have an air filter problem, your car is bound to make weird noises. This is because the engine needs enough air supply to perform perfectly, or else it will annoy with all sorts of noises.

2. It can also result in reduced performance for your Car

As a driver, what are you scared of the most? It has to be a drop in the performance of your car. There are many passionate car lovers who treat their cars like temples and just can’t bear poor performance.

This can be easily credited to the cabin air filter, as the engines are combustible and it requires air for optimum performance.

3. The mileage of your car can drop substantially.

The mileage does not only depend on the roads you take or the engine’s efficiency. It also depends on how functioning your cabin air filter is, and how it is filtering the smoke.

When the oxygen does not reach the engine, it ends up burning more fuel. This way, the power may be achieved to run the engine but is not economical at all. This ends up toying with the mileage and the fuel economy drops!

4. You may observe the emission of black smoke from the exhaust of your car.

Do you know how catastrophic the ignorance of cabin air filters is for your car? You cannot only damage the car but you may end up losing it forever. When the cabin air filter does not work properly, the engine also does not run properly.

The engine runs on a fuel-rich mixture and does not combust the fuel completely. It ends up leaving black sludge, which goes out of the exhaust and in the form of black smoke. It not only looks hideous but can be a sign of fire hazard. Sometimes, you will be hearing a popping sound along with some fire. It is not a modification to the car but a desperate cry for the replacement of the cabin air filter.

5. You will be able to smell fuel at your car’s exhausts.

Many of the car owners have an active complaint: they can smell fuel when they start the car. Do you want to know why this happens? This is because the fuel injection system does not receive enough clean air. What does insufficient air lead to?

It ends up throwing unburnt fuel through the exhaust vent, and thus, when you start the car, you will end up smelling petrol or diesel. So, if you want to remove the smell, you need to replace the cabin air filters!

6. You can also have health issues when you do not replace the cabin air filter, regularly.

Air is important for human beings, as they breathe in it. We all know the hazards of breathing in unhealthy air.

When you have a functional cabin air filter, it keeps the pollutants away, while you use the AC, and this keeps those potential diseases away. Some of these diseases caused by improper use of cabin air filters are carbon monoxide poisoning, lead poisoning, lung cancer, etc.

7. There can be foul odor inside the car!

Cabin Air filters are meant to be replaced, as it cannot be used, forever. You can also go for regular maintenance at least once every quarter.

When you do not change your cabin air filter for a longer period of time, there is a lot of build-up of dust particles, pollutants, and others in the filtration system. This makes a foul and musty stench come from the vents of the car, especially when the AC is on.

Closing thoughts!

A statistic showed that the Australian Car Wash industry is on the rise, and it is expected to reach $584.1 million by the end of the year. Just like you take care of how your car looks, you must also keep it “healthy”. So, it’s wise to replace your cabin air filter, immediately and never ignore the warnings, ever!


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