7 Reasons Why Mobile Casino Traffic is on the Rise

Did you know that mobile casino sites are reaching their apex? If you follow news about the gambling industry, it’s not hard to understand why. Both gaming and smartphones are getting a popularity spike at the same time.

There are seven reasons why the industry is on the rise lately. They’re related to the availability of products and services right now and the ease of using mobile solutions.


Everybody Has a Smartphone Now

Almost every gambler has a smartphone these days. Do you want to play at Betamo casino? Why not use your phone for that? This is indisputably the essential reason: today, people have access to casinos in mobile devices.

Research indicates that Poland has around 30 million smartphones right now. With almost 38 million inhabitants, over three-quarters of the country have access to casino games wherever and whenever they want. Accessibility is playing a massive role in popularizing this practice.

The prices of these devices are going down, too, so you can get a working smartphone even if you don’t have enough money to buy one of the latest models. Most casino apps are not so heavy to run, meaning people can play it on low-end phones.


You Can Play Anywhere

Nobody would play at a mobile casino without perks, though, and mobility is the most essential one. You can play when you’re waiting in line, on the bus to work, or even laying in bed at home. Casino games are excellent for moments of idleness, so they’re perfect for these situations.

According to Eliasz Nowak, an expert in casinos, gambling online started a revolution. He affirms that people no longer needed to visit a land-based operator to have fun. Now, with mobile offerings, this reach has been extended.


5G is Here

Internet connection was always a significant issue for people who love mobile online games. If you played them before, you know why. Poor internet connection or zones in which your signal is weak can ruin your experience.

Fortunately, the 5G technology is slowly but steadily reaching Europe. 5G is the latest generation of mobile networks, which are much more efficient. The first countries have already started to implement the technology, and you’ll have a better connection to play games in a year or two at most.


More Games Now than Ever Before

You could play on a mobile casino platform ten years ago, but the games would be severely limited. Now, however, it’s a time of abundance. There are several thousand mobile games. You just have to pick one that interests you.

Developers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Evolution Gaming, and others, have entirely embraced mobile gaming. Together, these companies launch hundreds of new titles every year. With so many options, it’s easy to find something that will seem like the perfect fit.


The Games are Better

Not only are the developers offering more mobile content, but the level of quality is better. Today, games have features that they did not have a decade ago.

Forget the old classic slots with three reels. Today, some slots even have different levels and storylines. They may have exotic six reels, over 2,000 pay lines, and other unique features. Others have cascading effects, different multipliers, and much more.

Metrics such as the return to player (RTP) have remained steady, so you’re not really more likely to win today, but you’re highly likely to have a lot of fun while playing. Decades of game design helped the developers to discover precisely how to please even the most demanding players.


Companies are Not Using Flash Anymore

Compatibility is also very important to understand when considering why everybody is using casinos on mobile devices. During most of the 2000s, Flash was the dominant technology for online games. Unfortunately, it’s not very good. HTML-based games are much more compatible across platforms than Flash games.

When Flash started to fall in popularity, some companies were using it, while others preferred HTML. Now, most browsers have decided not to support Flash.


People are Falling in Love with Casino Games

It’s impossible to ignore how online casinos are getting more popular, too. Internet connection and smartphones may have played a big part in shaping the current market, but casino games are surging in popularity.

Most of the stigma that this kind of game had back when they were illegal in some places is fading. Today, people see how cool these games can be. So, they’re finally aware of the huge amount of fun that they can have with mobile casino games.



Now, you know the reasons why people have fallen in love with mobile casino sites. Are you ready to start playing, too?

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