7 Platforms That Will Give Your Business a Boost

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses understand that sound marketing and promotional strategies are important for the business. Businesses engage in frequent business promotions to bring their products and services in front of their potential clients. Business promotion strategies need to be structured carefully for them to yield the intended results.


Why Promote Your Business?

  • A business promotion will help to boost customer traffic, e.g., to your site.
  • The target population will have more accurate information about your products and services.
  • It might lead to more revenue and profits.
  • Your brand will be known by more, thus boosting its awareness in the market.

Traditional business promotion through advertisements on TV and billboards was effective but expensive. Nowadays, there are numerous platforms that you can use to catch the attention of your potential clients. Try these 7 platforms to give your business a boost.


1. Social Media

In business promotion, anyone who ignores social media misses a powerful tool. Most businesses are embracing social media to reach their target groups easier, faster, and in a more creative way. The major social media platforms have millions of active users across the globe. It is estimated that 3.6 billion people were using social media in 2020. To marketers, this number is a ready-made target group.

For startups, an affordable way to leverage the power of social media is by creating an account on any platform for free. You can then create a profile stating the products and services you offer. You can then post items, and your friends can share and like the posts, thus creating more awareness. It might take time, but you will reap the rewards eventually.

Established businesses might decide to pay popular individuals or stars to promote their content through their accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Popular figures with many followers can earn well from their social media pages.


2. Networking Events

Business promotion is all about looking for more potential clients. Expos, workshops, corporate dinners, trade shows, and webinars are rich areas to cast your net wider and reach more potential clients. Nowadays, most live events are online. Business owners can search appropriate webinar tools from https://www.ecosecretariat.org/best-webinar-software/ to ensure they don’t miss anything. Business events bring together industry leaders and experts, professionals, and other interest groups together. 

Most of these events have free attendance. When business people and entrepreneurs meet, socialize, and exchange ideas, they create business opportunities. If you are looking to boost your business, try the next business event close to you.


3. YouTube

YouTube is not only a modern media powerhouse but also an emerging advertisement leader. Over 30 million visitors visit the site daily. Paid ads on the site can reach a vast audience, thus giving your business that much-needed boost.

You can also open your channel and upload promotional videos about your products and services. Videos can be shared on different platforms, such as social media and email. The more the views, the better the brand visibility.


4. Optimize Your Website

Conducting a full SEO audit of your site will help you to eliminate any underlying SEO problems. Optimizing your website will improve how it ranks on web pages, making it easier for people to find your product and services. Here are some questions to start from:

  • Does your business have a website? 
  • How is your website performing? 
  • Where does it rank on search pages? 
  • How much traffic is it attracting? 
  • Would you like to rank on the first page of search engines? 
  • Is there fresh content on the website? 


5. Business Listing

Leverage on the power of the internet by getting listed on search engines. Listing is a way of creating a landmark on the internet. The listing also increases the visibility of your business and might help drive more traffic to your site. Most search engines will even add a map to indicate where your business is physically located. It is important to update the details on your listing to reflect the current status.


6. Email Marketing

In the era of digital marketing, email ranks as one of the best tools to use to boost your business. You can use emails to build a healthy relationship with clients. Your email list can serve as a starting point for targeted ads that can improve site traffic and help in customer retention.

7. Build an App

Since everyone is going mobile nowadays, you should think about this option, too. You can design and launch an app with your products and services and send links to download it to existing and potential customers. You can run promotional ads and offer loyalty programs to boost your business.

Promoting your business through various platforms is a sure way to get more people aware of your brand. Finding the best platform and maximizing your marketing efforts on that channel can go a long way in ensuring your business performs better. Also, always keep in mind to compare different platforms and find the one that works the best for you.


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