7 Must Use Tools With Instagram



With over a billion active users, Instagram provides a very good and sufficient opportunity for both companies and businesses, new and old, to reach out to their customers and get their products noticed. However, while tactics such as running Instagram promotions and contacting influencers are efficient, it is difficult to achieve the desired results without the proper tools. To help you turbocharge your Instagram account, we’ve compiled a list of the best Instagram apps for businesses—tools that will distinguish your brand, attract more customers to your online shop, and help you figure out how to make money on Instagram most effectively. Filling your stream with eye-catching images that unmistakably express your image’s personality and the worth of your products is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a viable Instagram presence. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you can create stunning images with your phone and a few of the best Instagram tool apps. 

The seven best such apps are mentioned below, and they cover everything and help to make your Instagram ever more appealing.

1. Awario

 Awario is a web-based media checking mechanism that discovers mentions of your name (or another watchword) on the web, news/websites, and online media stages, including Instagram. Examining stage notes shows who your image sponsors and industry influencers are, what the supposition behind your image (positive, bad, or unbiased) is, as well as the dialects and areas of your audience. It also discusses the growth and scope of your notices, as well as how you compare to your competitors. 

The app is available for $29 a month and also comes with a 14-day free trial.

2. Buffer

Buffer is another app for organizing. Nonetheless, it includes Instagram as well as other informal groups rather than focusing only on Instagram. Buffer allows you to schedule content to be spread through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Messages may be distributed in identical or different ways at different stages. You may also monitor how your posts are doing in terms of commitment, views, and clicks. The tool can be used by up to 25 peers, and you can assign them appropriate access tiers.

The app is available for $15 per month and also offers 7 or 14 days of free trial as per the chosen plan.  

3. Canva

Canva is a design tool that is ideal for advertisers and businesses that don’t have an in-house designer. Canva, among other items, creates fantastic Instagram posts. A la mode templates and clear plan instruments ensure that the Story stands out, which isn’t always easy in the world of Instagram.

The app is available for free to its users.  There are also canva alternatives available.

4. Shortstack

Shortstack is a device that allows you to run Instagram competitions. Challenges are very effective on this level because they generate a lot of buzz, increase brand awareness, and attract new Instagram followers. Advertisers adore them as a form of teaching. ShortStack collects and displays all client-created material, such as pictures shared on your substance hashtag. It also tracks the exhibition of your mission, displaying your traffic, dedication, and other vital details.

The app is available for free for upto 100 free entries whereas the paid plans are available from $29 per month.


 It’s been a while since Instagram’s default platforms were at the forefront of flexible image editing. Meanwhile, VSCO has emerged as the reigning champion of taking great photos quickly. VSCO has a comprehensive editing suite and a plethora of outstanding default channels that will elevate your mobile phone images to a whole new stage. On the exceptional arrangement, there is additionally a huge library of channels available, providing you limitless alternatives for redoing your images and distinguishing them from the pack.

This app is available for free for all sorts of basic editing but to have access to its all features of photo and video editing then the pack is available at $19.99 per year.

6. Life Lapse

 Although Boomerang for Instagram is fantastic for creating quick GIF-like videos, Life Lapse is a more feature-rich portable application for creating longer stop-motion recordings to highlight your objects. You can take as many photos as you want, change the size of the video, change the pace between videos, and even add royalty-free songs. 

This app is available for free with an additional purchase option.

7. Picodash

Picodash is an Instagram device that identifies target audiences and influencers on stage. It enables you to exchange your and your competitors’ Instagram followers and following histories, clients that have used a specific hashtag, shared in a specific location or environment, remarked or liked a specific message, as well as branded clients. You can also download all of the featured or record tales.

The app is available for $10 for export of each follower/hashtag.


There are a plethora of instruments to choose from, which should be apparent. Examine them, identify the ones you want, and drive your Instagram marketing to uncharted heights. Furthermore, now that you have the proper tools at hand, it’s a great time to get out there and start taking amazing photos and recordings that really reflect the true valuation of your products.


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