7 Ideas for Entertaining Visiting Clients

Entertaining clients is about more than simply showing them a good time. It’s really a tool to showcase your personal and business brand. It’s a chance to build bonds with clients at a deeper level. When clients are happy after an event, they make a positive association between the event and your brand. This alone could make things much easier once you step up to the negotiation table. Here are some great entertainment ideas you could try for a client visit.

Have a Casino Night

If you know that your client loves gambling, you could always take them to a casino, but a lot of things can go wrong since you won’t have control over the environment. Instead, you could hold a casino night at your home if it’s appropriate or rent a property just for the event. You could have blackjack, roulette, and craps tables with actual dealers. You could also have a station where people can play online games. Pick a reliable site that provides a great gaming experience, however. Here, we would suggest that you check out a site like Twinspires. If you want more information about them and the things they have to offer, check out this Twinspires promo code review by Bonusfinder.

Go to a Sports Event

Another option would be to take your clients to a live sports event. You could try to get good seats, but it would be much better to splurge on a suite rental. You could introduce them to a sport they’re not used to or try to find out what sport(s) they like. One of the great things about sporting events is that you’ll both have the chance to genuinely enjoy yourselves and you see each other in a different light. 

Take them to a Horse Race

Horse races are very exciting and taking a client to a horse race could be very memorable for both of you. You can either choose to bet on the horses or not, but betting makes things that much more interesting. You’ll get to grab a bite or drink after the event too and speak about business if you want.

Play Golf

Golfing remains one of the best activities you can engage in with clients. Again, this is a great opportunity to see your client in a true light. You might notice that they get extremely frustrated when they miss a shot, for instance, or tend to cheat. These are all things that you could note for later. You also have to guard yourself and not show signs of frustration and anger so you can leave a good impression. Golf is a very social sport with a slow pace, so it will sometimes feel like a long meeting in the outdoors more than a game. Note that you could also spend the night at a nice driving range for something more relaxed and informal.


Rent a Yacht

Renting a yacht is a perfect idea if you want to impress clients and show them some of the beauty of your city. This is a great setting for a business dinner as well. You can find a yacht to rent for as little as $2000 and it will be more than worth it. Don’t forget to set money aside for a captain, waiting staff, and entertainment.

Go to a Charity Event

Taking your clients to a charity event for a cause you support is also a great idea. Make sure that you have money to give if there will be an auction too. It would help if you bid on things you can buy too. A gala is a good setting for bonding and charity events allow you to showcase your personality. You should also check if your client has causes that are close to their heart. If this is something you’re concerned with as well, then you could take them to an event for that cause. They will appreciate the gesture and feel more involved.

Get Physical

Physical events are one of the strongest bond-building tools that you can try. Pick a sport or activity you excel at and make sure that it’s not too demanding. Try to slow down the pace for the sake of your clients as well. You could go for a hike, for instance, or go road biking. If your client is known as an adrenaline junkie, you could try something like white water rafting or even rock climbing. You’ll be able to build memories for years to come and turn a client into a close personal friend.

As you can see, there are tons of things that you can do to keep your clients entertained on their next visit. Give all these ideas a close look and see which ones would fit your client’s profile and interests the best.

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