7 Features Of Cannabis And Magic Mushrooms That Make Everyone Love Them


Lately, marijuana and magic mushroom edibles have hit the mainstream. Once considered “hippy drugs,” these two gifts from nature have experienced a recent resurgence, catapulting them to the forefront of recreational relaxation. The legalization of marijuana is steamrolling its way through the United States, among other countries, and the momentum is starting to carry over to the magic mushroom world as well.

A slew of studies and robust research is beginning to shed light on the health benefits of both weed and shrooms alike, including rehab for weed addiction, and the medical field, as well as curious consumers, are beginning to take notice, although there are some risks with drug dependence associated. Here are seven features that make both natural wonders so appealing.

1. They come from the earth.

Perhaps the thing people fancy the most about these mind-altering substances is that they come from the earth. Most of us are conscious of what we put into our bodies these days, so it’s comforting to know that we don’t have to ingest something made in a lab with egregious chemicals to have fun and relax. Both marijuana and magic mushrooms grow freely in the wild and have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years.


2. You can microdose them.

One of the hottest new trends right now is microdose shrooms, and microdosing weed is starting to pick up steam as well. The traditional way of taking magic mushrooms requires you to go on a “trip.” Although it can be a fantastic experience, it can also be quite heavy for some individuals. It’s an investment that requires you to be in the right headspace and make sure you have some time cleared on your calendar.

However, with microdosing, you can get mushrooms’ euphoric feeling in a much more controlled state. In most cases, people report feelings of happiness and alertness while still having their bearings and going about their day. The same can be said for microdosing marijuana. There is a movement where people prefer small amounts to reap the benefits while avoiding the psychoactive portion that can derail their day.

3. Relaxation and laughter.

Anyone that’s ever gone on a mushroom trip will usually report extended periods of extreme belly laughter. And much of the time can’t even recall what they were laughing about. It’s one of the great benefits magic mushroom Canada can provide. We all love to laugh. It soothes our soul and puts us into a happy and relaxed state. You can rest assured that there will be no shortage of laughter on a mushroom trip. Marijuana produces the same effect but without the same intensity. Any pot smoker will tell you that smoking a joint and watching a comedy is the ultimate way to kick back and relax.

Relaxation and laughter

4. Medicinal qualities.

Recent studies are beginning to unearth the health benefits of marijuana, particularly the CBD component of it. Studies show positive effects from cannabis on everything from stress, anxiety, and arthritis to PTSD, depression, and insomnia. With these revelations, magic mushrooms are starting to garner some attention on the health benefits they can provide as well – and it appears they could be numerous.

5. They expand your mind.

From taking a bong hit from heady water pipes and writing a poem to eating a handful of shrooms and watching the trees turn into dancing cartoons, one thing is for sure, both drugs open and expand your mind. Marijuana won’t provide the intense psychedelic hallucinations that you can get from mushrooms, but it will still enhance creativity and make you think in new ways.

forest muchrooms

6. They make music sound amazing.

We all know how good weed makes food taste. Ask anyone who’s had the munchies. But marijuana and mushrooms can also enhance music and allow you to hear it in a way that you never have before. It’s almost like you’re discovering new notes and beats put in place by the artist, specifically for those who are tripping on pots or shrooms. It’s a great way to experience a concert or just kick back for hours with your record collection.

7. There is no hangover.

Unlike alcohol or a bevy of other “hard” drugs, weed and shrooms produce virtually no hangover. Sure, you might feel a little groggy in the morning if you consume them late at night, but it’s nothing in comparison to the soul-shattering and debilitating hangover that alcohol and hard drugs can produce. While moderation is still encouraged, it’s comforting for most people to know that they won’t have to deal with an array of adverse side effects after consumption.


Nature is making a comeback. After being repressed and considered nefarious by much of society for decades, marijuana and magic mushrooms are finally getting their time to shine. It’s impressive to see these organic drugs recognized for all the benefits they bestow, rather than demonized and banished under pretenses. The prevalence of microdosing has opened an entirely new market for those seeking health benefits but prefer to keep things a little more chill. With more positive studies being released, the future looks bright for these natural wonders that many of us have known and loved for some time.

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