7 Definite Ways to Win Eyeballs for Your Business Using YouTube.

Youtube is fast becoming the most used website on the internet. Billions of hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube each day. Not considering youtube for your video marketing plans would be giving up a large chunk of the market.

Youtube’s user-friendly interface and diverse pool of content make it hard for users to tune out. You can leverage this addictive-quality for your business in two ways. Once as a creator, and the second as an advertiser.

Based on your brand’s scale, goals, workforce, and your marketing budget, you can pick one that works for you.

Obtain the Best From Youtube as Creator

The first way to make the most of the platform is to post content. Youtube has an extensive user base that is readily looking for the next video. By creating videos, you can draw more eyeballs to your business, and eventually propel them to your brand.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when taking this route.

1. Make Regular Content

Youtube works in the principal of view generations. The more views a video or a channel archives, the more it will show in search results and video suggestions. The best way to get this ball rolling is by making consistent content.

Keep in mind that regular posting does not mean you post large volumes of shabby content. The idea is to be steady and feed the YouTube subscribers at least a video a week. These videos should be as detailed as possible and broadly cover the premise.

Videos with a run-time of seven minutes and above will always rank higher and shown to more users. Over time your videos will gain more views and help build a subscriber base.

2. Use Creative and Clear Artwork

The use of well-designed artwork helps get more clicks on your content. These are mainly of two domains– the first is the channel art. These included a clear display image and a banner image. Make sure your banner image provides a summary of your channel artistically.

The video thumbnail is another essential artwork on Youtube. These images can be made using online tools and templates. The thumbnail provides a better visual description of the video. When scrolling through the homepage or the suggestions section of the app, users are drawn to well-designed thumbnails.

Another critical factor is the introduction to your videos. These are repetitive clips used at the start of each video. This part of your video should introduce your channel, explain your niche, and the video topic. Use a  youtube intro maker and make this clip instantly.

3. Apply Keyword Research

Keywords or ‘tags,’ on youtube, are critical to enhancing searchability. These tags must be relevant to your videos and the niche of your channel. Use all the tags that make a good fit to gain better results.

One way to find the right tags is to manage a research sheet. Make a list of tags utilized by users making videos in the same domain as you. If your videos highlight a recent event or a trending topic, add that label to the video.

After a few months, re-visit these tags and change them to be more relevant. Note that changing the tags too often will generate a red-flag to the youtube algorithm and penalize your searchability.

4. Collaborations Are a Game-Changer

Since youtube is a user-generated platform, it has managed to implement a sense of community. Approach other users in your domain and ask them for a collaboration. This process will help distribute your content to a broader user base.

If the other user has a more extensive user base than you, it will help grab more eyes to your brand or videos and retain them as your subscribers.

5. Use End Screen Features

Youtube provides a few on-screen-elements that help improve the call to action to a video. These are links to other videos, playlists, or external websites. All of these elements encourage your users to take more action and stay loyal to your content.

Merely using these tools will also give your video a better search-rank. These end-screen features are available on the last twenty seconds of your video; plan for this time during the edit.


Derive the Best Form Youtube As Brand

If you are looking to make an impact, but do not wish to generate youtube videos, there are a few ways to find an audience. Here the top-three, most used tricks:

1. Sponsor Deals

If you are a brand looking to get a fast-rate of engagement, you can sponsor a video with the best creator. Find a youtube channel that fits your target audience and sponsor their content in return for a shoutout.

Your brand can also ask them to share your link in the description, add external links on the end-screen, feature your brand’s logo, and highlight your top features.

2. Mid-roll ads

Publishing ads before a youtube video is another excellent way to find an audience. These are the pre-roll, mid-roll, or video-end ads on every video with youtube monetization activated. These ads help the creator make an income and give you visibility.

Using free tools like the ad maker, lets you compose these ads in just a few minutes. While they are easy to create, they are expensive to host. The slots of these ads are dependent on a bidding battle.

3. Influence Programs

Youtube creators who have a massive reach can work as influencers. They will endorse your brand and help direct users to your website. Fashion, cosmetics, and wearable brands often use this trick.

As a brand, you would have to reach out to each influencer and plan successful collaborations. Ensure they do not look like hard-sells. A forced plug will only make your brand image diminish.  


In Conclusion

Youtube has millions of users and is the go-to choice for both entertainment and information. Your videos must fit into one of these niches. If you are capturing a user with compelling content, they will be your loyal fans for a long time.  

No matter what your brand, there is a way to use youtube to find a vast user base.


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