7 Creative Ways to Use Customer Onboarding Videos

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Videos are a true powerhouse when it comes to digital marketing, communicating with users and customers, and building your brand. Videos can turn dull content into fun entertainment or instantly send a clear message to the target audience. That’s why video is an extremely popular form of content that marketers today love using. But, there’s more to video than meets the eye, and customer onboarding videos are what we’ll focus on in this article.

If you’re not familiar with the concept or aren’t using customer onboarding videos yet, it’s about time for you to start. Why? Because these videos can benefit your business immensely and help you improve several aspects of your relationship with your customers. 

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about the potential behind customer onboarding videos, as well as 7 creative ways to use these videos with your customers.

What is the Customer Onboarding Process?

You can have a brilliant marketing strategy, a top-notch product, and a beautifully designed website. But, if your customers don’t figure out how to interact with you and use your product, it’ll all go to waste.

That’s why you need to invest your energy into creating a smooth customer onboarding experience for every person that gives you a shot.

So, to put it simply, customer onboarding is:

  • a process of introducing new customers to your product, helping them understand how to use it, and removing potential confusion or difficulties they might experience.

This process is valuable and beneficial for a business, and we’ll explain why.

What are the Benefits of Customer Onboarding?

Customer onboarding can help a business rise and stand out from the rest, and on different levels. The benefits of creating amazing customer onboarding show just how worth your time, effort, and energy this process is.

Here’s what benefits can customer onboarding bring you:

Higher Customer Retention

The number one reason why you should invest in customer onboarding is that it will pay off sooner than you think. With proper customer onboarding, you’ll have a much higher customer retention rate.

That means that a higher percentage of people who give your product a shot will stay, and continue using it for the long run. Why is this the case?

It’s simple, people will give up using your product if:

  • they don’t understand how to do it
  • they find it too difficult
  • they fail to accomplish their objective

Helping your customers understand how your product works will be reason enough for them to stay.

Improved User Experience

Your customers expect only the best from you. Why? Because if you can’t deliver what they want, your first competitor probably can. So, they’ll just switch to the next guy.

The user experience you create for your customers will make a whole world of difference. And customer onboarding can help.


It’s simple:

  • support your customers as they’re exploring your product
  • give them the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of it
  • create a relaxed, seamless transition from one point in the process to the other

When your customers have your support, they’re more willing to continue the journey they’ve started. So, onboarding is key when it comes to improved customer experience, from the first moment.

Reinforcing Product Value

When your customers don’t fully understand your product, it means they don’t quite understand its value. They need to know as much as possible about:

  • the features
  • the possibilities the product offers
  • the goals they can reach
  • the things they can do

Product value needs to be your focus from the first moment you start your communication with new customers. And, with the right onboarding strategies, you can reinforce product value.

This is yet another important benefit of conducting meaningful onboarding for your customers and helping them see the true value and potential of your products.

Why Use Customer Onboarding Videos?

While there are so many different ways you can create brilliant customer onboarding, videos should be top of your list. Videos have a potential for providing a customer experience that is:

  • entertaining
  • informative
  • easy to digest and comprehend
  • quick and simple

This is because videos help the customers visualize and quickly adopt the tips, facts, or advice you’re sharing. They require minimum effort on the customers’ side but provide maximum value and proper guidance.

Customers don’t have to read instructions, click, switch pages, or do anything special. The customer onboarding video does all the work for them.

7 Creative Ways to Use Customer Onboarding Videos

Now that you understand the power and potential of customer onboarding videos, let’s discuss the creative ways in which you can use them.

Website Homepage 

First impressions matter the most. You want to show your customers you’re with them on this journey, every step of the way.

So, write a video script and create a video you’ll showcase on your website homepage, that instantly provides the type of guidance they’re looking for. Use this video to:

  • welcome them
  • briefly explain main product characteristics
  • tell them what they can expect from using the product

This video should be short and informative, to show the customers you’ve got their back.

Demo Video

When your customers are just getting to know you and your product, they’re still in the consideration phase. They’re thinking about being your loyal customer, but aren’t quite convinced.

A demo onboarding video is a perfect chance for you to:

  • give the right guidance
  • show product potential
  • push the customers forward in their customer journey

Demo videos will show them just how much the product has to offer, and why they should start using it right away.


Customer onboarding videos can be used at different stages of the onboarding process. Once a customer starts using your product, your onboarding job isn’t finished. It’s just getting started.

Customers will run into different problems, at different stages of their journey. You should prepare tutorials that will cover these problems. Tutorial videos offer:

  • practical tips
  • simple advice
  • problem-solving guidance

So, if a customer reaches a point where they simply can’t move forward, you should create onboarding tutorial videos and help them overcome these issues. 

Make sure the content of the videos is informative and helpful. You can hire a professional writer to write the script, by looking at these paper writing services reviews. You need concise and clear instructions for your customers.  

Introduce Your Team

If you want to improve your branding and get people to see you as more than just a product they’re using, you can feature members of your team in the onboarding videos.

This will deepen your customers’ relationship with you and help create a more emotional bond between you.

You can have members on your team:

  • welcoming new customers
  • explaining how to use the product
  • explaining how and why they created certain features
  • giving out fun facts and tips
  • inviting customers to take certain action

Seeing the face behind the product will mean a lot to your customers and will change their perspective on the product they’re using.

Email Videos

If you’re using email as one of your onboarding techniques (which you should), videos can fit this picture perfectly as well. 

Emails that contain videos perform better than those that only contain plain text. So, be creative and include email onboarding videos in your email welcome messages.

Use them each time you:

  • have someone sign up for your newsletter
  • have someone register on your website
  • have someone purchase a product or subscribe to a service

Email videos will be a great way for you to introduce the product and brand, without the customer even visiting your website.

Video Tooltips

Tooltips are brilliant for new customers trying to figure out how to use the product and who just need some minor tips along the way. You should include animated video tooltips that:

  • pop-up once they reach a certain point in the process
  • illustrate how to proceed
  • give hands-on advice at the right moment

That means a customer might want to perform a certain action but doesn’t know how. The pop-up video appears, showing them exactly what to click on and how to proceed.

FAQ Videos

The FAQ section is among the top-visited sections of your website when it comes to customers onboarding. It would be great if your customers would find and read all the answers, instead of jamming your customer service or giving up using your product.

That’s why you can use videos to make the FAQ section more dynamic and entertaining.

So, provide both written and video answers to the FAQ and give your customers a chance to watch instead of reading. If you need help with writing the FAQ section, find professional best writers online. They can do the writing part for you.

It’ll make everyone happy- your customer service will have fewer calls, and your customers will be happy to find the answer they’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

Customer onboarding videos can truly turn your reluctant customers into long-term users of your products and services. All they need is the right support and guidance, and videos are simply the best for this purpose.

Use the 7 creative ideas we’ve shared above and make your customer onboarding process more enjoyable, informative, and fun.


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