7 Best Wine Road Trips In France Every Wine Lover Should Take

Are you a wine lover who enjoys tasting different options available in the market? If this is you, you should consider taking a trip to where your favorite drinks are made. This involves finding the right destination and means to get there. Fortunately, there are several options one can go for. Research to discover the best road trips that most wine lovers will be looking out for. Considering France as one of the best destinations, you can be sure that there will be numerous options to explore. Below are but a few of these great choices anyone can select.

1. Cité du Vin in Bordeaux

If you tasted excellent wine such as the weller cypb wine brand, understand the greatness of great wine options. If this sounds like you, then the idea of visiting a place where some of the finest wines are made will be exciting and an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. Visiting France will offer you this and many more related experiences. Consider starting with the Cite Du Vin, a perfect place to begin your visit, considering that this is an excellent wine museum. 

Everything from the architecture, décor, and combination of agriculture and civilization will capture your attention immediately. The wines are excellent, and you will enjoy sampling and tasting most of them. If you need something to bite, then the restaurant upstairs will do the trick. It is a perfect destination, especially if you are wondering where to start your journey from. Look at it as your ideal charming and romantic getaway that you can enjoy with your lover or significant other.

2. Hameau du Vin (Wine Hamlet) in Romanèche-Thorins, Beaujolais

If you are looking for an original mix of French wine culture and modern civilization, you love to take a trip to Beaujolais. The wine hamlet is the perfect place for people who love finely aged wine. Being around for a while, this place captures all the essential history of winemaking. The artwork, cinema, and gardens outside all speak volumes of the kind of refined taste that the owner has. It is one of those joints you visit for total relaxation since there are several provisions for fun, including golfing. 

3. Château de Pierreclos, Pouilly-Fuissé in Burgundy

If you do not mind spending a significant amount of cash on great wine and experience, you should put Burgundy on your list. The Chateau Pierreclos has an aura about it. It comes across as an exotic, sassy, and spiritual center for people who love life. 

While it was one of the international players a few years back, it retracted from all the attention to serving visitors the real deal. Visit to enjoy excellent wine and food as you take in the magnificent architectural structures. You can also enjoy the view from the comfort of your room as you check out the vines that produce the excellent raw material for the wine you enjoy.

4. Jean Becker, Zellenberg, Colmar, Alsace

If you are interested in having a feel of a world where people are around, then take a trip to Jean Becker. It is situated at the hinges of Vosges mountain and the Rhine plain and is between timbered villages and the magnificent hills of the area. 

You will find numerous family wineries ready to take in guests for tasting. The Becker winery stands out because it accommodates a multilingual option. Any creative person will certainly try out more wineries, especially if they have time. The bottom line is that the region has many great things to offer any wine lover that is ready to explore.

5. Château Les Farcies du Pech, Pécharmant, Bergerac, Dordogne

This is yet another chateau that you should consider visiting. The wine options available are equally good quality but more affordable. Visit this 18th-century farmstead and get an exotic experience. Besides wine tasting, there are accommodations offered to guests who may not make it out in time or those who prefer to stick around for a while. Anyone who wants that homely feel will enjoy taking this trip.

6. Château Ste Roseline, Les Arcs, Provence

Many who have visited the Les Farcies Du Pech chateau consider it a contemporary winery that is a must-visit. Besides the excellent infrastructure around them, this is a winery that offers some of the best wines around. The surroundings are also perfect for people who love adventure and fitness. Visit the chapel up the slope and check out the preserved body of an ancient saint that seems to be in perfect condition even today. If you want a service, it is also available here

7. Champagne

Any wine enthusiast knows about the French Champagne. This is a region that is well known for its excellent wines and culture. Just make sure that you have a lot of money to spare because the ultimate experience in the region comes at a cost. Get a tour guide to make it even more worthwhile since these experienced guides will take you to all the places you will likely find the best wines in France.

Final Thoughts

Wine lovers probably have a list of a few places they wish to visit when time and money allows it. In case France is on your list, consider the suggestions above. It is worth every coin you spend.


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