6 Ways to Use your LinkedIn Account Efficiently

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LinkedIn is a social network for professional connections. Specialists from different industries may share their experiences. They look for promising job opportunities and promote their expertise. Potential employers of LinkedIn may use an ATS system to look for applicants. You may pay someone to write your resume and make it look good. Yet, it will work to its fullest only on LinkedIn. 

Several practical ways of using your LinkedIn account will help you enhance your business image and find promising working opportunities. 

Complete Your Profile 

It is not enough to register on LinkedIn and upload your resume. You need to make your profile look neat and professional. You should upload your photo and you can remove background from picture, using many tools online as Adobe express. Give preference to the business images of yourself rather than the casual ones. The background image attracts attention to your profile. It should reflect the industry in which you specialize. 

Add some personal information besides your resume. You may enlist your accomplishments and personal qualities that you utilize in work. It is practical not only for your catching representation but the applicant tracking process as well. 

ATS bots scan resumes and profiles automatically for the keywords. If you have the necessary key skills and experiences, the bot will notice you. You may reach out to professional cover letter writers to receive proper career advice. This application will help boost your LinkedIn profile.

Use Recommendations and Endorsements 

Recommendations and endorsements are a great way to highlight your qualifications. Recommendations are written notes by people with whom you work. If they have their LinkedIn profile, they may recommend you as a skillful employee. Contact your hiring managers or employers to receive such notes. Endorsements have a similar function but lesser scope. They point out your key skills and help you in the hiring process. 

Besides receiving recommendations, you should give them also. If you can recommend someone as a qualified professional, you should do so. LinkedIn is a great platform for networking, and you should use it to the maximum. 

Join LinkedIn Groups 

Groups on LinkedIn work similarly to groups on any other social media network. Like-minded people share their opinions and support each other. You should join any relevant groups to make your LinkedIn profile work. Yet, the platform does not allow direct self-promotion. You may express your expertise, but you should not promote your brand in groups. 

LinkedIn will help your exposure. Besides, you may find prospective job seekers for your company. Groups on LinkedIn gather various audiences. Joining the right groups will help attract relevant attention to your profile. 

Connect With People 

You should be proactive in your networking. Naturally, an ATS system will notice your profile if you have the right keywords. However, you need to invest in your career actively. Reach out to people, communicate with them, and ask their opinion concerning certain aspects of work. 

Your network may be small at the beginning. Yet, constant contribution to it and active communication will create many new opportunities for growth. 

Create Relevant Content 

Posting a bot-beating resume in your profile is only half of the deal. You need to maintain activity in your profile. The creation of relevant content is the best strategy to attract attention. There are two major ways: regular posts and articles. 

Posts are the usual way of communication within social networks. In LinkedIn’s case, the posts may cover certain aspects of the industry. In your profile, you may post: 

  • Daily analysis of the industry. 
  • Interesting facts. 
  • Tips and advice. 
  • Anecdotes from your previous job positions. 

Regular posts will keep your audience engaged and will help you with promotion. Do not forget to add visual information to your post. An image or a video captures attention better than a regular block of text. 

Articles are more expanded versions of posts. Articles serve better to overview major shifts in the industry or give deeper analysis to certain phenomena. You may write articles to highlight a problem or share your developed opinion on the matter. Articles are a great way to show your proficiency. They may serve as a contribution to your self-promotion and help HR notice you.

Follow Professional Etiquette.

Despite many similarities, communication on LinkedIn differs from regular social networks. Try not to share more personal information than necessary. Keeping strictly professional will maintain your image. Besides your information, you should not share details about other people.

You should remember that you represent not only yourself but your company and your team as well. Be mindful of any statements and introductions you make. 

Finally, maintain honesty. Bolstering too much about your achievements or making up facts during business conversations is not an optimal tactic on LinkedIn. 

Final Words 

LinkedIn may be more than a place where professionals gather. The social network may become a powerful tool in your career building. Make sure that you completed your profile and filled it with relevant information. Ask career advice experts if you need their service and how to make your profile look competent.

Join groups and reach out to people. Active communication is a major contribution to your career development besides a neat profile. Attract more people by creating engaging content. Filling your profile with relevant information will help more people evaluate your proficiency. 

Finally, stick to business etiquette. Do not share too much personal information about yourself or other people. Be honest about your skills, experience, and achievements. These tips will help you to utilize your LinkedIn profile to its maximum. 


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