6 Tips to Deliver a Successful Virtual Tour for Your Business

Virtual Business

Virtual tours are a great way to give potential customers an idea of what they would be like if they walked into your store. Virtual tours are used in many different ways, including on websites and social media pages. Virtual tours have been known to help educate consumers about new products. Here are some helpful tips that will make sure you produce a successful virtual tour for your business.

1. Keep it Short and To the Point

When shooting virtual tours of a business, be sure to limit your time spent inside the establishment. Most people don’t want to spend hours reading through an article while their attention is already dwindling – keeping it short and sweet will help keep readers engaged from beginning to end without losing focus.

In addition, cutting down on word count will also reduce the total time for viewers to go through all of your virtual tour images, which can lead to more views overall. When you deliver a virtual tour for your business, it is essential to ensure that each photo is well thought out.

Although this may be one of the only times in the process where you get to explain what is going on in a picture, you need to make sure that it doesn’t take away from the viewer’s experience. With this being said, use captions whenever possible, but don’t write a paragraph in a caption if only a few words will do the trick!

2. Make Use of Pre-Shot Photographs

One way to ensure that your photos are always top-notch and exciting is by utilizing pre-shot images. It means shots or scenes that have already been beautifully planned so that you don’t have to spend hours creating the location yourself. It will save you time and money.

For your virtual tour images to appear as realistic as possible, they need background information before being used in a presentation or any software such as Adobe Connect webinar software.

For a car dealership, a quick Google image search with “car dealership” will yield a plethora of options that you can use to create your virtual tour. It may take some time to find the best images for your business, but once you do this, pre-shot imagery can be used across all of your photos to create realistic environments easily.

Pre-shot Photographs

3. Use Professional Equipment

For one to produce professional virtual tours that have no camera shakes, good equipment is a must. A tripod is the most optimal device when shooting these projects because it holds the camera steady and ensures crisp and clear shots every time.

If a tripod is unavailable, any other means of stabilizing the camera, such as wedging it between two solid objects, also works. Professional equipment is essential but sometimes overlooked when creating a virtual tour for your business because it can be pricey.

Buying equipment that is meant primarily for virtual tours or real estate purposes enhances the quality of images and videos than standard consumer-grade equipment. This is what you need to keep people interested in what they’re seeing.

Not only that, but a professional-grade kit must also include high-quality stabilization features and add-on accessories such as tripods, monopods, remote controls. Having all these things ready before shooting will make life a lot easier.

4. Get Real Estate Agents Involved

One of the best ways to get an amazing virtual tour for your business is by involving real estate agents who are specialists in this field. These professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide a dynamic and exciting experience for viewers.

The professionals know how to include all pertinent information about a business without going overboard. Not only do they understand the importance of showing off a property through high-quality photos and videos, but they already have relationships with clients who will happily watch their clients’ videos which means more views.

Seeking help from professionals saves you time because they know what it takes to get people excited about buying or renting out a space. To create a successful virtual tour, you must contact real estate agents or property managers. If your virtual tour images look boring to potential customers who live far away from your actual location, you will lose out on conversions as well as future leads.

Real Estate Agent

5. Stay Consistent with Your Photos

Virtual tours are all about creating an excellent experience for potential future customers, so your photos must look cohesive throughout all platforms, including desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile devices; any device that will connect to the internet is fair game.

Your virtual tour needs to look great on all of these platforms, which means you need high-resolution images. When creating a virtual tour around one’s establishment, photos must be consistent from beginning to end in terms of style, tone, composition, etc.

Doing so will create a seamless flow for viewers, aid in branding your company, and most importantly, keep them engaged. Any potentially jarring or confusing moments throughout the virtual tour will disrupt its overall success.

6. Make Sure It Goes on All Devices

When creating a virtual tour for your business, always make sure that it looks great on any device, meaning both in the form of images and videos. You might not think there’s much difference in what you see in small or large screen sizes, but this could be the reason why people are more inclined to watch your virtual tour when they’re out and about with their tablet than when sitting at home with their desktop computer – simple fix!

Just create two different versions that work well with each device. Now more than ever before, people are consuming information online through a variety of other devices. Instead of re-sizing all of your virtual tour images to fit each device, it is best to make the entire thing responsive to look good on any computer screen and various smartphones, tablets, etc. This ensures that there are no distractions involved when someone tries to view your photos!


Virtual tours can be an excellent tool for your business and an excellent way to drive interest in the services you offer. They allow potential customers to see what they might not otherwise get to experience during their visit, whether it’s walking through the corridors of your office or exploring all that’s available at a facility.

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