6 Tips To Boost Your YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform, being the largest platform means that it is also the most diverse platform which makes it quite challenging for new creators to navigate through, you can very easily get lost in among the crowd and never even figure out your target audience. Even though it’s a difficult career choice, a lot of people still pursue it. You can’t walk into this occupation blindly, the platform is already saturated, and trying to build a channel isn’t a simple task. You need to know exactly what you are doing and what you want to achieve with your channel, you can’t shoot arrows in the dark anymore. You need to optimize your channel for maximum output and stay up to date with online culture, not to mention YouTube’s ever-changing rules and policies that creators have been annoyed with since its inception and have a look at jaw-dropping youtube stats according to Digitalbuzzblog.com. Here are 6 tips that you can use to boost your YouTube channel.

1. Create Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is imperative if you want a long and healthy career, YouTube now prioritizes watchtime over views meaning that you’re gonna have to work a lot harder to retain your viewership. YouTube now favors creators who project increasing watchtimes and even sometimes promote them on their homepage. The position of no. 1 video sharing platform isn’t easy to defend and YouTube now uses new strategies to compete with other websites and for that to happen they need their creators to make more engaging content. You need your viewers to watch the entirety of your videos because YouTube will otherwise simply label your channel as irrelevant and without being recommended on other videos your channel will likely hit the ceiling.

2. Optimize Your Channel

If you want to stay in the competition then you need to make use of every tool YouTube provides you because believe it or not it is there for a reason, your channel needs to fulfill a lot of YouTube’s internal criteria and optimizing your channel will help you clear those criteria. Employ every SEO technique that you have on hand, Optimize your video titles, outros, intros, channel banner, community tab, etc to get the most out of your content. It doesn’t matter if you make really good content if your channel looks like a disaster, try to garner a community on YouTube.

3. Know Your Audience

Learning about your channel is a crucial step in every YouTuber s career, you need to develop a core audience that you primarily make videos for, try to create a thriving community that grows around your channel. You need to figure out what kinds of videos your audience responds to more positively and which types of videos aren’t popular with your community. You can use YouTube analytics to gauge your audience’s response to individual videos and predict what kind of content will be best suited for your channel. Keep in mind that your primary audience might change over time as you progress through your YouTube career, you will regularly need to assess your analytics.

4. Dominate your niche

Every creator on the platform has a particular niche that their channel falls under, this has been the case since the very beginning of YouTube, your goal should be to be among the top creators in your niche for gradual growth, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small creator YouTube doesn’t categorize you with the top creators anyway, you will likely be competing with channels your size in your niche. Try to see what other creators are doing with their channels and try to jump ahead of them, you don’t need to necessarily copy them but keep a close eye on them if they seem to be blowing up, after all a rising tide raises all boats.

5. Try to provide more

Try to always go above and beyond what your competition is doing and always try to improve your videos even in the smallest ways you can, people really do notice these changes, these changes might seem small to you but on your YouTube journey these small changes add up to quite a lot. Suppose you start by fixing a small lighting issue and then you try to get a more professional-looking background and then you might end up buying a ring light to get the optimum amount of white light bouncing off your face.

6. Buy YouTube views

If you really want one of your videos to blow up then you might wanna invest some money into buying some YouTube views, buying a few views for your channel might be just the push they need to make it into the YouTube algorithm, if one of your videos blow up then your channel will gain a lot of traffic which will help you gain more YouTube subscribers. GetViral, ViewsExpert, Viralyft are some of the best websites to buy YouTube views.


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