6 Tips on How to Start a Cleaning Business From Scratch

Cleaning Business

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the cleaning business pool, there are a few basic things you’ve got to have in mind after you know where you’re going to secure funding from and have decided on office space. This article explores a few tips on how to start a cleaning business from scratch as an entrepreneur. Read on to take a look at our checklist:

1. Assess the competition

The first rule of starting any venture is to assess the competition. Start by looking at cleaning businesses in the area and what services they offer.

Can you match up to their services?

Take a close look at their reviews online and on their social media pages. Is there a service that the customers want and they don’t provide? Can you provide that service?

What’s different about your new venture?

Ensure your uniqueness stands out.

2. Communicate clearly with your potential customer base

Clear and constant communication is the key when you’re reaching out to your target audience directly.

If you communicate clearly to your audience about what sort of cleaning services you offer and why they should choose you, it will go a long way in building a loyal customer base.

You can also keep up communication via newsletters, or start a blog that talks about cleaning tips, or introduce your team so that your customers know who they are dealing with. Offering this information can help potential customers feel more connected with you.

3. Decide the type of cleaning business you want to set up

You have decided the kind of business you want to start, but when you’re putting your plan into action, step back and imagine what your dream business looks like.

A cleaning business can be a home cleaning business or a commercial cleaning business, and if you have the bandwidth, both. Figure out what works best with your budget, employees, and the type of equipment you have.

As a new company, you might want to focus on one aspect of the business. For example, if you choose to specialize in residential cleaning, you’ll need the equipment and expertise on how to clean the various aspects of a home, including bathrooms, living rooms, and outside areas like gutters.

4. Hiring new employees

Starting a new business means you’re going to have to hire new employees. However, hiring help comes with the cost of salaries, benefits, etc. Before putting out an ad for help, understand how many employees you need for your business and how many you can afford.

5. Buying equipment

Starting a cleaning business is profitable, but there’s a need for huge capital investment in terms of buying equipment. The price of the tools may range from affordable to really expensive. You will need to spend a lot of your investment capital to buy carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and cleaning supplies every month to keep the business going.Since your employees will visit your customers in person, you’ll also need to factor in transportation costs. You’ll either have to buy a new mode of transport or factor in costs like fuel, vehicle maintenance to the initial investment list.

And that’s not all. You’ll need to buy a few computers to make sure you can manage your clients and accounts. Another critical element for your cleaning company is  purchasing field service management software that allows you to schedule appointments and track your employees efficiently. A field service management software can also help you maintain a database of customer information and streamline your cleaning services efficiently.

6. Create an efficient marketing strategy

Running a business without any bumps is the key to success, but so is marketing your business properly. All entrepreneurs know that implementing a good marketing strategy right from the start of your business can be the key factor in success.

To create the right marketing strategy for a cleaning business, you need to know:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What your target audience is looking for in a cleaning service
  • How your service is unique from other cleaning services

These points will help you communicate with your target audience better. The next step is that you need to evaluate which is the best medium to reach your target audience. Should you use social media, or should you distribute flyers or place ads in the local newspaper?

A successful marketing strategy for your cleaning business will help you get your potential customers’ attention.

An organized assessment of all the items on this checklist will also help you evaluate what sort of business you want to start, how big you want it to be and make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true.


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