6 Strategies to Improve Your Employability Right Now

6 Strategies to Improve Your Employability Right Now

There is no denying that we are living in a time when the labor market has become incredibly fast-paced, volatile, and unpredictable. The industries are rising and falling over the course of a year, the global market was treated to a couple of major disruptive events, employment models are undergoing tectonic transformation and it looks more and more that the degree you have earned presents simply a start and not nearly the end of your professional development journey.

So, the outlook is pretty grim. But, what one man sees as a detriment, the other sees as an opportunity.

In other words, putting some effort into increasing workplace mobility and improving employability can drastically improve your odds when looking for the next gig. Let us take a look then at a couple of tips that should help you along the way.

Stay up to date with digital tech

Stay up to date with digital tech

Digital technologies completely reshaped the business landscape. So, there are very high chances that, regardless of the position you might be pursuing, you will need to use some of the IoT of Cloud-based resources. Some sectors are being completely shifted to Cloud infrastructure and being performed remotely or in a hybrid work environment. So, make mastering contemporary tech the next step of your journey. When you cover the essentials you can move to digital communication, wiring effective emails, app-based business tools, social media platforms, and other relevant tech-based skills.

Put an emphasis on the development of soft skills

As we mentioned in the introduction, the present-day labor market finds itself in a constant state of motion. So, instead of trying to master skills in one specific business area, you should put a higher emphasis on soft skills that will improve your learning capacity and help you navigate this corporate maze. We are talking about learning techniques, time management, communication skills, leadership skills, and all other traits or bits of knowledge that will turn you into a more valuable worker regardless of the industry. Once you lay down these foundations, you will be able to adapt to new positions in no time.

Demonstrate commitment in all areas

Demonstrate commitment in all areas

Neither one of these efforts will go unnoticed. Show to the meetings on time. Be meticulous with the data recording. Research the topic of the interview and stay in touch with the relevant industry trends. In this regard, there is no way you can go overboard. For instance, the United Kingdom lays out a very strict Code of Practice relating to uniform and workwear policies. Therefore, assembling a set of quality workwear in the UK is not only a sign that you are a professional taking your job seriously, but that you are also meticulous and aware of these legal requirements. Such a level of commitment is a key to success.

Provide more value to your employees

In other words, you should invest your time and effort into the development of skills and resources that provide your employee with the greatest revenue. If we stay a bit longer in the construction industry, we will see that the basic brick-laying and regular household fixes are not that well-paid. On the other hand, electrical wiring, plumbing, welding, and masonry present much more sophisticated tasks and give your employer access to more lucrative projects. Putting a focus on skills like these but also areas like management, BIM, and architecture will make you an MVP and great material for promotion.

Set tangible goals and stick to them

Accomplishing any task will be made much easier if you have a general idea about your destination and the turns you need to make to get to the finish line. Building up your clout in the labor market is really no different. So, if you want to give all the things we have covered above a stronger sense of direction, try to imagine where you see yourself in some foreseeable period of time, break this journey into smaller sections, and then translate these smaller-scale efforts into specific objectives. Once you get a clear idea about these goals, you will get a much clearer idea about how they get there.

Build your professional network

This suggestion somehow ended up taking the last spot in this roundup but that shouldn’t diminish its overall importance. The business world is built on professional relationships and sometimes it is far more important who you know than what you know to do. Do your best then to establish your own professional network in any way you can. Attending industry events, establishing social media presence, creating your own professional website, and even engaging in blogging all make viable choices for this effort. The more active your lifestyle is, the more chances you’ll have for meeting new acquaintances.

So, there you have it – the top six strategies you can use to make yourself a far more valuable hire and instantly improve your employability. We are all aware that the modern labor market is more than unpredictable and unstable. But, we shouldn’t use this as an excuse. Instead, we should put our efforts where they truly count. The suggestions we gave you should definitely put you in the right direction.


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