6 Office Must-Haves for Any Start-up


If you are launching a start-up which requires office space, the way you set up your workspace can be just as important as your business model itself. That is because employees need a comfortable and positive space to work, in order to boost productivity and ensure employee turnover is low so that your business can thrive.

If you are a new start-up business wondering exactly how to set up a successful office space, whether just for an internal team or whether you will be having clients visit, here are 6 must-haves for you.

1. Natural Light

Whether you are building a new office space from scratch for your new business, or choosing the right location, thinking about windows and natural light is important for health and productivity. Offices which are flooded with natural light will make it easier to work and be a more positive place for staff to be. It can also save you money on energy bills if you can refrain from using excessive lamps or electric lights.

2. Ergonomic Seating

Owning a start-up means caring for your employees as much as your business product. If you are having an office, then you need to ensure health and safety is paramount and this includes ergonomic desk setups to avoid strain, discomfort or even injury.

Therefore, when you are planning for your desks, computer monitors and chairs, make sure ergonomics is at the front of your mind.

3. Facilities

A busy working team will need good facilities throughout the working day for its personal use. These should include:

  • Accessible and clean toilets
  • A full cafeteria if possible, for breaks and lunches. If not possible for an extensive cafeteria, providing at least a room with the basics like a microwave, fridge and tables is encouraged
  • Hot drink making facilities
  • Access to water

4. A Professional Sign

It is always important to look professional in business, as in everything you do, and the signage for your office space is no different. Business signs are important for displaying your brand to visiting clients, but also for your internal professionalism, too.

Therefore, if you are having an office which is a standalone building, or for which you need a sign to pinpoint your business location, a professional and clear sign is always a plus. By choosing dependable options like a composite panel sign, you can make sure your new business name is displayed professionally.

5. Visual Stimulation

No one wants to work long hours in an office if there is no interesting décor or at least something to help the space feel welcoming. Therefore, visual items and decorative choices will help to create a more interesting and inviting office space.

These can be the ideal finishing touches, and could include:

  • Artwork
  • Plants
  • Ornaments
  • Rugs

6. Dependable Technology

For an office to run successfully, it needs to be able to depend on everything within it. This means a fast internet connection, updated devices, fast computers, a working telephone system and anything else your business might need technology-wise to succeed.


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