6 New Ways To Recharge Your Brain


Our brain, like the most high-tech machine, controls every action, and, like any complex device, it needs constant recharging from time to time. We never forget to fill our car, otherwise, it simply stops operating, so why don’t we fuel the brain? Here are 6 scientifically proven ways to energize your brain and always keep it on full alert for your mental effort!

1. Avoid multitasking 

When you try to run several tasks at the same time, your attention is distracted. Multitasking is unsuccessful for productivity and the brain too. It discharges your memory, as it becomes difficult for you to differentiate tasks according to the degree of importance. It is proven that an attempt to run a few tasks at the same time takes you longer than sequential completion one by one. So, that does not save any time, on the contrary, it becomes more time-consuming. Also, multitasking causes stressful situations, which also negatively influences brain function. The resume: if you work, do not talk on the phone, and if you talk on the phone, don’t play online casinos. As soon as you are done with one task, start the new one, so you can take a shot to play in one of the best online casinos in Canada listed on realmoneycasinoonline.ca.

 2. Сontrast shower hydrotherapy

Whether you work remotely, take a bracing shower right in the middle of the day, enjoy two minutes under hot water, and then switch to icy water for 30 seconds. The oxygen content in the blood will be increased due to temperature differences, invigorates the whole body, and improves mindfulness. An immersing contrast shower can also increase the production of beta-endorphins. Due to the concentration of “cold” receptors on the skin surface, a cold shower triggers a huge amount of electrical impulses sent from nerve endings to the brain, which has an antidepressant effect. So, the positive effect of this simple routine is obvious. As a bonus, get stimulation of the dopamine circuit for free!

3. Natural light 

Scientific experiments show that staying in a poorly lit room can reduce performance, attentivity, and memory. It was discovered that poor lighting can be dangerous to humans. The experiment proved that when the eyes do not receive enough light, an important part of the brain that is in charge of mental abilities might get destroyed. The experiment was conducted on rats that showed that dim light negatively affects their mental performance. Even the quality of sleep gets worse because of dim light in the room during the whole day, so do not neglect to make sure that your cabinet is lit enough. 

4. Take in creative activities

At the beginning of the last century, creative activities were used in French hospitals as a way to restore the mental health of soldiers after the First World War. A published study in the Journal of Positive Psychology discovered that being creative every day has a positive effect on mood and so has on the brain. Try to use some basic techniques from art therapy. For instance, take a sheet of paper and draw whatever comes to your mind, let your hand wander. Thanks to creative expression and spontaneity of actions, the technique relieves emotional and muscle tension, weakens control and promotes relaxation. To achieve the best impact, you can close your eyes and draw with different colors. 

5. Take a 10-minutes nap 

As you know, sleeping is the most natural way to reboot the brain. All the information received during the day is structured and processed – something is entered into long-term memory, and something is just “erased”, freeing up some space for new data. Daytime nap is as workable as nighttime sleep. The ideal duration is considered to be 10-20 minutes – such a dream is called “power sleep.” During this time, the brain is rebooted, but the person does not manage to plunge into the deep phase of sleep, which is usually accompanied by drowsiness and apathy.

The bright examples such as Google, as well as other big companies, have special sleep capsules in their offices During breaks, employees may take daytime naps. Sleep capsules are well-equipped with comfortable couches, soundproofing, headphones with relaxing music, and a timer that prevents you from falling into a deep sleep. After such a “recharge”, employees are ready to generate ideas with renewed energy.

The tip to practice: close the office door and draw the curtains, set a timer for 10-15 minutes. Keep your body upright while you sleep. To do this, lean back slightly in a chair or chair and place a pillow or blanket under your back. This will help you wake up more easily.

6. Take Vitamin B12 

Take Vitamin B12 Supplements Daily. By taking a B12 supplement complex, you will provide your brain with the necessary amount of this element, which means – excellent work. It has been proven to help teach, concentrate, and develop critical thinking. However, if you don’t want to stick to taking pills regularly, shake up your daily nutrition and add more liver, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Vegetables and fruits do not contain vitamin B12.

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