6 Must-have Accessories While Petting A Chicken


If you have a chicken at home then it becomes important to take care of it by providing necessities. But don’t you think it is more than just giving water or feed? Those chicks become part of our family as soon as we bring them home. Hence, we need to make sure that they get everything that they wish for be it any food item or a toy for entertainment purposes.  As a rooster parent, you might need to spend some time with your pet once in a while. There are several accessories and toys available in the market that will help you to spend quality time with your rooster. These accessories are easily available at PetStock. Here is the list.

Chicken Dinosaur Arms

Chicken Dinosaur Arms are one of the best things that you can get for your rooster. These are plastic T Rex arms that make your chicken look hilarious. You can use this as a prop in various photoshoots. But one needs to be very careful while choosing this as not all the roosters can tolerate this.  These arms are meant to be worn only for a specific period and under supervision. These dinosaur arms are easily available on Etsy for $11.

Vegetable String Bag

Roosters love to eat their vegetables. You can make it more interesting by adding this toy to their activity. Vegetable String bag dangles above your chickens and lets them enjoy their vegetables during your petting session. This is a sturdy bag that can hold various vegetables including lettuce, cabbages, tomatoes, corn, etc. This Vegetable String bag is easily available at Amazon at the price of $10. You can also make your own by referring to various DIY tutorials. You can find the tutorials on YouTube.

Chicken Treat Roller

Chicken Treat Roller is the best pick that you can get for your chicken. This roller comes in a cylindrical shape. Here you can fill the roller with your chicken’s favorite treats. This way they can eat their favorite treat while playing with it. It is easy to refill and comes in a sturdy material. This Chicken Treat Roller is available at Amazon for the price of $7.

Rope Bungee Bird Perch

If your chicken loves to exercise then this would be the best pick for him. Rope Bungee Bird Perch lets your rooster ramp up its exercise. This rope lacks the steadiness which encourages the bird to develop its balance, leg muscles, and coordination. This Rope Bungee Bird Perch is available on the Chewy website at the price of $19.

4 Way Play Bird Toy

Chickens love to chew as well while playing. Hence it is always best to get a toy for your bird that can let him play while chewing. 4 Way Play Bird Toy is an elaborative toy made with bright pine blocks and wooden beads. These blocks and beads are stacked together so that your chicken gets unlimited chewing opportunities. Here the material is non-toxic and FDA approved. Hence you can rest assured about the health and safety of your bird. This 4-way play bird toy is available at the Chewy website at the price of $17.

Colorful Loofah Shredder Toy

Here comes another chewing and playing toy that you can get for your rooster. Colorful Loofah Shredder Toy is a colorful loofah toy that is made with biodegradable and safe material. Hence it is a healthier option for your bird to chew and play. This colorful Loofah Shredder Toy is available on Amazon at the price of $11.

Apart from that, there are several options you can get such as Chicken Swing, Personalized Hen House Sign, Chick N Roost wood roosting bar, Red roof galvanized nesting boxes, Red barn light scone, Timer operated automatic Chicken Coop door, etc.

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