6 HR Te:ch Trends That Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Good tech makes the world go ’round. HR professionals can now turn to automation to help get their jobs done faster and much more accurately.

The key to choosing HR tech that works for your organization is having a list of priorities figured out before you shop. Take a look at these 6 HR tech trends every small business owner should know.


1. AI Recruitment

Artificial intelligence continues to reign supreme when it comes to recruitment. It’s not new HR tech but will continue to grow in its use this year.

AI recruitment techniques allow pros to track viable candidates using their resumes and online social media profiles. It’s one of the most accurate ways to pair the right candidates with the right position.


2. VR Training

Virtual reality isn’t just for the gaming industry anymore. Think beyond entertainment and into education.

Companies are using virtual reality as a training tool for teams. Jump on board this cutting edge HR tech to adopt an engaging way to educate your team.

VR is a technology option that’s far more affordable than many professionals think. The cost of content production and hardware is much cheaper than high tech solutions like AI.


3. Self-Service

Despite what many managers think, HR isn’t a department that babysits everyone else. Use your HR department for high level tasks like recruitment and retention.

Guard against making your HR team bear the burden of the employee’s administrative duties by implementing employee self-service.

Self-service is a growing type of HR tech that allows employees to update their own HR profiles. This means that changes of address, withholdings, and other mundane administrative changes can be made by employees and not the HR team.


4. Pay Stubs

Not every company needs a robust payroll system to manage income verification. Small business owners can take advantage of HR tech that allows you to create pay stubs for a handful of employees.

These services are a top option when most of your staff aren’t full time or work on a contract basis. When they complete loan applications, they’ll need more info to support their salary claims.


5. Remote Work

Companies are increasing their remote work technologies to allow employees to continue tasks on the go. With the global pandemic of 2020, telecommuting is now a necessity for companies looking for ways to maintain security while allowing employees to remain safely at home.


6. Chatbots

Chatbots aren’t just for customer-facing departments anymore. HR tech is growing to include more automated internal communication to free up the HR team from answering frequently asked questions.


Finding the Right HR Tech

The right HR tech for your business means understanding the current pain points of your team. What keeps your HR team up at night?

What innovation does your HR team have to overlook in order to deal with mundane administrative work? Use the answers to these questions as a guide to reshaping how your organization implements technology.

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