6 Foods Items That Are Best Paired With Cream Cheese

cream cheese

We must admit that cheese is one of today’s most diverse and delicious food products. All worldwide cuisines desire to put cheese in one or two of their recipes. It is nice how there are so many kinds of cheeses, all with distinct flavors, colors, and nutritional value. Society’s growing admiration for this food item allows anyone to explore new recipes and invent simple snacks with it. If you visit Whampoa market, you can enjoy a variety of seafoods along with different varieties of desserts.

Another loved food item in the cheese family is the yummy cream cheese. It is a soft type made of cheese and milk mixed in desserts, savory dishes, and even appetizers. Exploring new flavor combinations is an exciting feeling, so this article guides what other food items are best-paired with cream cheese. You might also want to learn how to soften cream cheese to prepare these foods differently. 

1. Bell Peppers 

The bell peppers are one of the healthiest food products you can pair with cream cheese. These fruits are crunchy, and their color indicates a different flavor profile. Red bell peppers are on the sweeter side, while the green ones are more savory. These flavors go well with softened cream cheese spread that you can make a quick and simple snack. Just slice your bell peppers into pieces until they are boat-shaped, and remove the seeds. The creamy and crunchy contrasts will surely be addicting. You will not even feel much guilt because of how healthy this snack is. If it is your cheat day, you can add some Cheetos or Takis for the extra flavor and crunch. 

2. Bacon

Bacon is one of the most loved meats by almost everyone, especially kids. This savory meat bursts with flavors that cream cheese can lift even more. The best way to pair these two together is by spreading cream cheese on crackers and topping it with chopped bacon. It is another perfect snack you can serve during a simple afternoon snack time with your family and friends. You can also cook the bacon strips and use the cream cheese as a dip. The savory and creaminess of this combination will be hard to resist.

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3. Bagels

Bagels are yeasted-dough bread that originated from Jewish culture. It is a bread type popular worldwide, and many people love it because of its soft texture and savory flavor. The bagel is the most popular item that is best paired with cream cheese, another delicious and creamy combination. Bagels and cream cheese may be expensive, but you will not regret anything. You can also level it up by adding some prosciutto ham, salmon, or bacon. 

4. Sour Cream Flavored Potato Chips

Without a doubt, sour cream flavored potato chips are addicting, especially when eating them on a cheat day or having a movie night with friends and family. We all know that chips taste way better when there are different dips like extra sour cream, ranch, cheese sauce, or onion dip. But in case these are unavailable, you can always make cream cheese as a yummy alternative. Potato chips are extra salty and savory, so softened cream cheese will complement it well. This food combo will be hard to resist, but you still have to watch your calorie count. 

5. Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto is another healthy food pairing with cream cheese. Adding cream cheese to your basil pesto will balance the strong and tangy taste. You can make a snack by making tomato slices, spreading cream cheese, and topping with Basil Pesto. It is the perfect snack or appetizer you can impress your guests. You can also make delicious pesto pasta baked with cream cheese, and it will surely delight your palate, especially if you aspire to be a home cook. 

6. Chocolate

Believe it or not, chocolate is also a delicious food paired with cream cheese. Since both can be part of the breakfast menu, anyone can make waffles topped with cream cheese and chocolate. You can also mix the two ingredients to make a thick, creamy, and delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting if you are into baking. It is perfect for top cupcakes and whole cakes; you can also fill cream puffs, lobster tails, and croissants. Nothing can go wrong with cream cheese and chocolate just trust the process. 

Final Thoughts

We can all agree that cream cheese is one of the best-flavored cheeses in the world. People have consistently admired this food product, and they are willing to explore more dishes and food combinations. The things mentioned above are just some of the known food items that are best paired with cream cheese, so you should try them out too. If you want to step up and cook something with cream cheese, visit Recipes.Net today! Thanks for sticking around, and we hope you will find this post helpful. Don’t forget to share this guide with family and friends, too!


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