6 Factors to Consider When Going Through a Bathroom Renovation

How many times do you visit the bathroom each day? The answer might surprise you.

From taking care of business to soaking in a hot bathtub full of water for a couple of hours, most of us spend considerable time in the bathroom. The question for you is do you like what you see?

Most of us have walked into the same bathroom we had when we signed on the dotted mortgage line.

Same old look. Same old feel. Same old, same old.

If anything, performing a bathroom renovation will increase the value of your home. To enjoy a boost in home value, you have to consider six factors when going through a bathroom renovation. And if you need extra help, be sure to consult this Bathroom specialist Victoria plumbing.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

A bathroom renovation can be a one and done deal or part of a much more extensive home improvement project. For example, you might decide to remodel both the bathroom and kitchen at the same time. However, you address a bathroom renovation, you must first devise a budget that accounts for the materials you need to buy, as well as the equipment you need to rent or buy to complete your masterpiece. As part of a comprehensive home improvement project, you will have to make choices about spending money on each room. If a new countertop is part of your bathroom renovation, there is a tool called a countertop estimator that helps you discover how much the countertop installation will cost. It is a great tool to have for creating a budget for the entire bathroom renovation. Once you have an estimated of how much will be needed, you can contact your Plumber Joondalup and proceed seamlessly with the entire project. It doesn’t matter if it’s just about custom bathroom vanities or an entire bathroom remodelling. Being organized will pay off.

How Much Work Do You Want Done?

How much work you want done in the bathroom depends on how you primarily use the bathroom. Cameron Snyder, president, Roomscapes Luxury Design Center, Boston, Mass., and past-president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) says, “If the bathroom is a place where you quickly shower, brush your teeth looking at a and go, the materials and colors will be different than if it is a place where you go to spend a couple hours with candles and soft music so you can unwind from the week.”

Bathroom renovation projects for most homeowners are simply an upgrade of a toilet, shower, or bathtub. You might want to complement the paint job by adding a different color paint to the door trim or replace the window shade with a shade highlighted by a floral design. This can be easily done by installing a patterned or coloured window film. How much work you need done also determines whether you perform the bathroom renovation project yourself or you hire a licensed home improvement contractor to get the job done right.

Do You Want to Install a New Countertop?

For a more involved bath renovation project, you might decide to add a bathroom countertop or replace your current countertop with a new and improved looking countertop. Appearance and functionality are the two factors for determining which material works best for your new countertop.


What can we say: Granite is the Bentley of countertop materials. It resists the types of dents and scratches that many other countertop materials succumb to over the course of a few years. Initially used for countertops in upscale bathrooms, once expensive granite is now a common countertop material for a wide variety of home decors. Of all the natural stone countertop materials, granite is the easiest to clean and maintain. The elegant visual appeal of the material will generate an immediate boost in the value of your home.

Prefabricated Quartz

Designed with up to 90% quartz particles, prefabricated quartz mimics the look of granite, marble, and limestone. The rugged manufactured countertop material is the best material for preventing stains and scratches for diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your new bathroom countertop. With a large number of color and thickness combinations, you can pair a prefabricated quartz countertop with just about any style of bathroom design.


When you see a marble bathroom countertop, you probably associate the countertop with considerable wealth. The natural stone countertop material exudes luxurious panache, while resisting dents and cracks. In fact, marble represents the optimal countertop material for primary, high-traffic bathrooms. With several polishing options, you can match the design of a marble countertop with any bathroom décor.


Homeowners operating on tight home improvement budgets should consider going with a laminate bathroom countertop. Simple to clean and requiring little maintenance, a laminate countertop represents one of the easiest countertop materials to install. The highly durable material absorbs strong impacts, which makes it ideal for homeowners that have fumble fingers with accessories like blow dryers and curling irons.


As a historically popular bathroom countertop material, tile requires you to spend time cleaning the grout between individual tiles. However, tile is now available in much larger sizes, which eliminates the number of grouts to clean. ExoTiles Mosaic Tiles offers the ultimate in décor versatility and if you have artistic blood in your veins, you can create a beautiful mosaic that will become the visual centerpiece of the bathroom. The countertop material works well with other types of materials, especially glass and concrete.

What about the Toilet, Shower, and Bathtub?

Bathroom renovations are often about the latest design trends and using features such as bathroom and shower wall panels (photos and examples here), which in 2019 means considering renovating the bathroom by separating the shower and bathtub. A bathtub that stands alone from the shower will produce a spa ambiance that adds more elegance to the already elegant appeal of the new marble or granite countertop. Shower stalls are becoming a frequent addition to contemporary bathroom designs. The downside to the separation of the shower and bathtub is cost. You also need to decide whether the time has come to replace the toilet.

Do You Want to Brighten the Bathroom?

A dark bathroom equals a dreary bathroom, which is not the ambiance you want for a room that is supposed to lift your spirits by cleansing the body and soul. You want to add enough lighting to create an upbeat mood, while not taking it too far by making the bathroom feel like a Hollywood movie set. Remember the sun is your friend if you want to add more lighting to the bathroom. This might mean installing another window or changing the blinds on the current window.

Energy Efficiency = Money Saved

Let’s face it: You use a lot of smaller appliances in the bathroom. From an electric razor to a dehumidifier, your energy bill climbs when you plug in inefficient small bathroom appliances. By investing a little more money into an energy-efficient fixture such as a dual-flush toilet, you will save more money in the long run by paying less money for the monthly energy bill.

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