6 Corporate Activities Your Team Can Do With Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) has become a popular tool for businesses and organizations in recent years. Many companies are now investing in AR as a means to drive innovation, creativity, and team-building activities. But what is augmented reality? Basically, AR is an interactive experience where digital content is overlayed onto the physical world. AR experiences can be used to engage audiences in new and exciting ways, while also providing a unique way for teams to bond and work together. 

For those who are new to these technologies, AR can easily be confused with virtual reality (VR). The main difference between the two is that AR adds digital elements to a live view of the real world, while virtual reality replaces the user’s real-world environment with an entirely different one made up of interactive 3D objects.

That being said, here are some ways in which your team can take advantage of augmented reality to enhance group collaboration and increase productivity:

1. Virtual Training Exercises

Augmented reality can be used to provide educational resources to your team. You can create interactive tutorials or even virtual game-based activities to help employees understand complex concepts and refine their skills. By utilizing AR technology, you will be able to simulate real-world scenarios that your employees can interact with, allowing them to learn and practice new skills in a safe, controlled space.

AR is the perfect tool for new employees in remote work set-ups, so they have a better feel of the work environment they joined. Additionally, existing employees can also use AR tools to brush up on their skills and become better in their roles.

2. Team Building Activities

Augmented reality is also a great way to get your team out of their comfort zone by introducing fun and interactive challenges. You can create scavenger hunts, trivia games, or even virtual races that require teams to work together in order to solve puzzles and complete tasks.

In a world that is mainly driven by technology, incorporating AR-based activities can help your team bond over shared experiences that are out of the ordinary. And although AR can be a pricey investment, you will still be saving on transportation and lodging costs that you would have spent on more traditional team-building activities.

3. Engaging Presentations and Visualizations

AR is also a great tool for creating engaging presentations or visualizations that help your audience better comprehend complex topics. Instead of relying on slides and text-heavy content, you can add interactive elements to your presentations that can be experienced first-hand by your team. This could include 3D models, graphs, infographics, and other visuals – all of which can be easily accessed with the help of a mobile device or wearables such as Google Glass.

4. Virtual Tour of Your Office

If you have a large office space or multiple locations, AR can help your team to explore different areas without having to physically travel between them. You could also add informative labels and interactive elements to highlight key features and amenities within the space. A virtual tour is also the perfect way to show off different office locations to potential job applicants or remote team members.

5. Collaborative Projects

AR is a great tool to help your team collaborate on projects. You can create shared whiteboards which multiple users can access, simultaneously brainstorming and sharing ideas in real-time. 

AR can also be used to create 3D models that team members can view and manipulate from different angles and perspectives. This will help them gain a better understanding of their projects, as well as make it easier for them to collaborate on complex tasks. This makes it the perfect tool for professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, and design. 

6. Product Demonstrations and Events

AR can be used to provide virtual demonstrations of products, allowing your team to interact with them in a realistic 3D environment. This technology is especially beneficial for showing how a product works or highlighting the features and benefits in a more immersive way. Additionally, AR can be used in retail settings to give customers a more interactive shopping experience and help them make more informed decisions. 

In line with product demonstrations, AR is also one of the best tools to create virtual events that your customers and employees can enjoy. You can easily apply AR tech to bring multidimensional elements into your events, creating an attractive and engaging experience.

The Bottom Line

By incorporating augmented reality into your corporate activities, you can create unforgettable experiences. These experiences will not only provide entertainment but also foster collaboration and creativity. Plus, developing and implementing effective AR strategies can help your business to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in today’s market. Take advantage of this innovative technology to make your team activities more engaging, entertaining, and productive. 

From virtual training exercises to interactive presentations, augmented reality offers numerous opportunities to engage your team. Engaging your team can lead to improved productivity, contributing to overall business health. Start exploring the possibilities of augmented reality in your business today!


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