5 Ways to Use B2B Intent Data to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

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When operating in the B2B business sector, your success mainly relies on data! But, using the data you generate from your operations to reach new customers is not enough for the success of your business. As a business owner, you automatically know the Importance of the B2B Intent data on the well-being of your business. 

The B2B Intent data has the capabilities to boost your marketing strategy and enable you to reach greater heights. Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers needs and backing it up with intelligence increases your chances of business success. Also, it will help you create a better business platform and a consistent pipeline to facilitate your business operations. 

The shocking news is that few business professionals understand how to use intent data to boost their business performance. Contrary, the exciting news is that utilizing the data for the latter guarantees incredible returns to your business. Remember that the essential data that drives insights and results for your business is the intent data. 

Do you understand what intent data mean? Let’s find out more! 

What is Intent Data?

Intent data refers to the behavioral aspects within your data that enable you to get a clear picture of the intention of prospects who visit your business. The prospects are on the lookout for a solution to a particular problem. They spend time online searching for a reliable solution that can ease the pain and make things run smoothly.  

According to the B2B research report, the prospect is 67% along the purchasing journey before you engage with a given client. When you combine the intent data and the customer signals, you make it easier to help customers make sound decisions and solve the problem at hand. By engaging with prospects, you are responsible for covering the remaining 33% before they make the final decision. 

B2B data helps you understand the prospects who are actively engaged and ready to make a purchase. Business owners can use it to track potential customers who are likely to convert. 

What Makes Intent Data the Future of Marketing? 

For every marketer or salesperson to work effectively, you must understand the buyer’s intent. This is a basic necessity for every marketer who wants to attain a higher success score in business. Also, understanding customer behavior is another critical aspect when you want to understand why the customers make a purchase through customer journey visualization

Marketers tend to target a specific customer profile with a more calculated approach to increase the likelihood of the customer purchasing. With the aid of the intent signals, you can easily determine prospects ready to convert. In addition, intent data helps in revealing patterns within the business, enabling you to increase the number of buying decisions. 

Research has revealed that 25% of B2B professionals use intent data to facilitate the smooth running of business operations. Also, approximately 35% of the remaining professionals within the B2B sector have plans to begin using it within the next few years. This is mainly triggered by the benefits presented by intent data. 

How to Use B2B Intent Data to Boost Your Marketing Strategy 

It’s a dream of every marketer and business stakeholder to remain relevant in their fields. However, remaining relevant requires you to go the extra mile and do unique things that will set your brand aside. Below are some of the ways that you can use the intent data to elevate your marketing strategy. Let’s check them out! 

1. Lead Scoring

The buyer intent data can help differentiate those who are looking for a specific pain point. The information helps in evaluating whether a given lead suits your ideal customers. Note that the lead scoring model is a matter of time since it needs a lot of brainstorming and effort to make things work out. 

It takes a lot of time to enhance lead scoring and brings everything in handy. You need to spend a lot of time setting up, monitoring, and start recording results from all corners of your business. The intent data helps shorten the process since it identifies prospects’ purchasing signals across the market. 

Before you reach your potential buyer, you will have already learned what they want and their needs. The lead scoring method is unique because it simplifies everything and is automated. 

2. Refining Your Content Strategy 

Intent data is critical during content creation. Remember that the content you create is what defines the nature of your brand. The data gives you a reliable time schedule that matches what your ideal customers are looking for. Even though SEO tools can help you make this happen, intent data gives you a detailed approach to use in your content strategy. 

According to researchers, intent data offers a detailed layer of information necessary for content creation. Also, it strengthens your content marketing approach since it offers in-depth information within your field of specialization. 

3. Locate Early Opportunities

The ultimate goal of intent data is to tap prospects earlier within the purchasing process. The best way to secure potential customers is to ensure that you reach your customers earlier compared to other salespeople. According to research, 70% of customers prefer purchasing services from salespeople who talk to them first. 

Always remember that communication is vital in every business for activities to run smoothly. When you connect with your customers through marketing campaigns, you will realize that a segment of the market audience is not in a better position to connect with your content. As a result, this limits your chances of securing new customers. 

Contrary, the intent data gives you access to a ready market and prospects who are ready to convert. This means that the only remaining part is to connect with the prospects and elaborate further on your products or services. Ensure that you end the process with a compelling call to action that will persuade them to convert at the end. 

4. Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a unique approach that builds relationships within the business environment. Building relationships within the business requires a unique methodology to make you stand out. Intent data enables you to build relationships within the business with the right prospects. 

The data helps you build avenues and bridges to help you learn more about prospects and create a focussed approach. In addition, intent data expands customer outreach and generates more data that you may not get by yourself. This marketing strategy supplies large volumes of essential data that helps in decision-making. 

Analysis shows that 10% of buyers are always willing to purchase anytime, provided they get a reliable solution. However, you can only understand what prospects need to buy if you have a clear grasp of their needs. It’s evident that everybody is looking for a reliable solution to their problems. 

Intent data is mainly customized in a way that it helps marketing teams understand the demands of given prospects and the desired solutions. You can easily track the operations of various companies and learn more about what you can offer to streamline their operations. 

5. Propel the Sales Pipeline

Generating better results in your business requires you to go the extra mile and beyond the end-to-end plan. Marketers need to go beyond the story of identifying and engaging within the marketing funnel. Generating innovative lead-generation campaigns is not enough to produce the desired results. 

There is a need to research your respective target market and understand their needs. For example, a B2B security system company must understand video security trends that potential customers are looking for. Also, learn about their approach and behavior before figuring out the best way you can address them. Intent data helps personalize operations to ensure everything is in the right order within the business. 

This technique goes beyond demographics and firmographic data within your target market. It’s an approach that gives you access to credible information that you can use to leverage the situation and build a better business environment and offer solutions to prospects. 


Prospecting is a difficult task that consumes a lot of time and resources. Intent data is a unique form of data visualization that uncovers all the essential information that marketing teams require in order to facilitate their activities smoothly. Besides, you can pair intent data with other vital data points to ensure that you have a detailed understanding of the prospect’s requirements and the challenges they are facing. 

You need to involve this strategy in your B2B marketing operations to secure more clients from different localities. Do you understand how this strategy works? Peruse this article, and you will be good to go!


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