5 Ways to Promote Your CBD Business Online

Promote Your CBD Business Online

There is no denying the fact that CBD is the biggest thing right now in the wellness industry. CBD is an organic substance obtained from the hemp plant and it has gained a lot of mainstream and scientific attention due to its ability to address a wide range of health issues. And given that a lot of people including athletes, seniors, bodybuilders, pets, and many other people are seeking CBD products for its various benefits, it has created a very profitable market for entrepreneurs.

In addition, CBD is being used in a broad range of products, with many more coming up. You can find CBD in edibles, oils, creams, lotions, tinctures, pills, and treats for pets. This is definitely good news for investors looking to venture in the CBD industry as there are plenty of markets to capture.

However, despite the lucrative nature of the CBD market, key advertising sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and the like have strict restrictions when it comes to paid advertising. Due to this, entrepreneurs have to be creative in the way they market their brands and products.

Fortunately, this article takes a look at five smart ways to advertise your CBD products and also has a great infographic from Joy Organics included too.

Joy Organics

1. Create CBD-Focused Blogs

Let’s face it, paid ads aren’t currently a viable marketing option for CBD products and given that interest in CBD and what it can do for one’s health and wellbeing is at an all-time high, creating blogs focused on CBD is a great way to market your brand. Keep in mind that many prospective customers seeking to find out more about CBD and its benefits will more likely than not do a search on Google. And considering the fact that they will search for this information using keywords centered around CBD, investing in content marketing is a smart idea.

The point of content marketing is to provide your audience with relevant and useful information that adds value to them on a regular basis. When people recognize your brand as an authority in the CBD niche and frequently return to your site to get answers to their queries, it becomes easier for you to convert them into paying customers considering the trust you build with time.

2. Focus on a Particular User Group

People use CBD for a wide range of reasons making it a very broad niche. Consider this; there are many athletes who use CBD to get pain relief after rigorous training sessions, seniors who use it to sleep more peacefully, women who use CBD products to achieve fairer skin, and may ther types of users.

A smart marketing strategy is to focus on a certain set of users based on their gender, social status, age, or other relevant factors. After identifying your target audience, the next step is to find out what it is exactly they are looking for and using this as the basis of your marketing strategy.

3. Have a Physical Address

In the digital age, the world has become what is considered a global village. Things have shifted drastically and many businesses have moved online and are thriving more than ever. However, as crucial as having an ecommerce website is, having a physical address is still vital, especially when running a CBD business. What we mean here isn’t necessarily a physical store selling CBD products but rather a professional physical location where your customers can have their issues and concerns addressed. This can be something like a clinic, a doctor’s office, or a pharmacy store.

The point here isn’t to market your CBD products but rather to provide existing and prospective customers with an ideal location where they acan learn more about CBD and have their concerns addressed.

4. Invest in Influencer Marketing

This is perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your brand and advertise your products to a larger market. An influencer is an individual who has a large number of followers on their respective social media platforms. To ensure the best outcome, you need to go for a reliable individual who has an interest in CBD and CBD products and most probably has a niche audience.

According to experts, it is wiser to invest in an influencer with a smaller following than the more famous one with very many followers, as influencers with smaller audiences have more meaningful engagement with their followers.

Influencer marketing will go a long way in establishing your brand and enhacing the credibility of your business. It offers an excellent way of quickly improving your rankings, sharing content, and converting people into loyal customers.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most overlooked yet effective forms of digital marketing, this is particularly true when it comes to marketing CBD products. When done strategically, email marketing produces one of the highest rates of return compared to other forms of marketing.   It allows you to reach your target audience on their mobile and PC anytime you need to and at minimal costs. A research study conducted in 2019 found that the number of people viewing emails on mobile devices had gone up significantly.

All that is required for a successful email marketing campaign is an email newsletter aimed at educating people on information and latest research in the CBD field. This significantly helps to build people’s interest in CBD. A recent Nielsen report showed that 285 of online shoppers in the United States had subscribed to email newsletters to keep informed. This is only goes to emphasize the importance of using email marketing to market your CBD business.


While the main advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, and other traditional platforms have put restrictions on CBD advertisements, there are still many other better and effective marketing options available to CBD businesses.


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