5 Ways Technology Will Boost Your Children’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is like some confidence regalia that makes you feel good about yourself. Kids with boosted self-esteem usually have the confidence to try new things. They always feel proud of what they can do and it makes them try things again whenever they fail, no matter the number of times. Children with a feeling of safety, and in receipt of so much love usually have this sort of confidence when among their peers. A smart child can even exude a greater measure of self-esteem and when you introduce your kids to the world of technology, and advanced sciences, you are gradually boosting their self-esteem. Let us see how technology can boost a child’s self-esteem.

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When you introduce technology to young kids, it naturally improves their participation, information retention, and overall test performance. This makes kids feel they are secure in their abilities and they will work harder and take their education seriously. As a parent, you can introduce them to simple acts of being part of the technology world. For example, your child may have some special talent like singing, dancing, painting, drawing, or even playing a musical instrument like the piano. 

You can encourage them to make videos of their performances and post them online or share them via email with their grandparents. Whether they are painting or performing on a Gospel Pianos digital piano, when they get to see how people react to their performances, self-esteem begins to grow naturally.  Making a video of drawings or paintings could produce a large file because of the time it takes to complete the activity. To do a big file transfer, they can be zipped to make it easier for sharing. To make sure these online activities are safe you can check online for the right VPN. Learn more about VPNs if you want to find the very best one. 

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Having online discussions and assignments

Another way technology helps boost a child’s self-esteem is through the use of online platforms to do academic discussions or receiving and submitting assignments. Some students usually get shy raising their hands in class to answer questions. Some also chicken out when they are called upon to lead the class. When these things are done online, it could boost their confidence. They do not have to face a sea of heads this time. As they continue to be more involved in online discussions, the confidence to face a crowd and talk will be growing gradually. They will get the notion that the reception they get online could be replicated in real life too.

Teaching them simple robotics and coding

A child with amazing software skills would naturally be able to wow an audience because they know that not many kids delve into such. Imagine that your child goes to school with a robot he built that is controlled by some electromagnetic waves. This usually would be a programming engineer’s project and a kid decides to try it out. This will make him popular for his inventions and make everyone want to be associated with him. When a child wakes up to know that other kids will be waiting to have an opportunity to see him, his self-esteem will be boosted.

Ability to use outside resources

Pupils will generally feel a greater sense of accomplishment when they are able to search online for answers to assignments instead of taking to the regular textbooks. As a teacher, giving students a broad information base that is inclusive of online resources will enable them to find their solutions to your questions. It helps them build their self-confidence, makes them believe they can handle things on their own or be first-starters.

Flipped learning perspective

Usually, kids go to school, listen to their teachers in class, and passively commit what they have learned to heart. Introducing an aspect of technology like allowing for interactive approaches online can help change that. This helps them to take active roles in their education. Kids who usually are shy and have low self-esteem can engage themselves actively through online games, online assignments, discussions, and research. This will help them build their self-esteem through participation. It will also help them to find good jobs for English speakers in the future. 


Kids with low self-esteem are self-critical and hard on themselves. They will feel they are not as good as other kids and will always remember the times they fail rather than times they had been successful. All these are not good for a young child because depression could set in. Exposure to technology is one way to boost a child’s self-esteem. You can start by getting the child involved in technological activities that will make him or her happy like making videos and uploading them online. This will gradually build their self-esteem.


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