5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Grow Your Business

Slowly and steadily, the internet is taking over the world we live in. It has turned many aspects of our lives simpler and smarter. Modes of entertainment, socialization, and even working have changed courtesy of the internet. Some people do not like this change but it mostly has been for the better. A lot of people now work from home through the internet. Even big brands and firms take help of the social media sites like Facebook, snapchat and Instagram in boosting their businesses. Websites and blogs are commonly used by brands but there is another way that many brands often seem to ignore. That way is mobile apps. Here are some great benefits of having an app for your business that you are missing out on.

1. Improves accessibility

Having an app for your business will boost the accessibility for your customers immensely. It allows your customers to reach you easily and directly. When you have an app, your audience knows there is a place to go to. On the app, you can provide information about your services and showcase your products.

Coming down to practical accessibility benefits, it is considerably more convenient to check things on mobile. It can be done anytime, anywhere within a matter of minutes. More than half of the world checks their smartphones more than once throughout a day. A smartphone is a prime choice for tasks like checking on updates and other news from different sources. The ratio of those who use computers for this purpose is greatly lower. With an app, you can ensure your loyal customers will get easy access to everything they need from you.

2. Direct & Enhanced Marketing

You can directly market your products and content through your own app. You can implement notices and news sections in the application where customers can look out for what’s new. Attractive pictures and descriptions of products in the app can indeed draw attention. You can also send out push notifications through an app to its users. The notifications will appear on the top of the smartphone-like usual system notifications. Thus, you can yourself send out updates and news to your customers instead of waiting for them to do so.

Other than that, your social media platforms can be integrated with the app for enhanced marketing.

3. Increases Brand Value & Awareness

Having an app for your business works like a poster or a billboard today. A well-built and well-designed app can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your brand value.

An app can also help with the growth and promotion of your business through increasing brand awareness. Especially, in attracting the young demographic. Most of today’s youth regularly downloads apps and games on their mobiles. It is what attracts them as well.

If you market your app enough, it might land at the front page of the download stores like the Google Play Store. The more people it is displayed to, the more your brand awareness increases. The targeted audience that is interested in the services you offer, can be pulled towards your business as well. As a majority of the business stray away from using mobile apps, you get more chances of being in the spotlight.

4. Better Customer Service & Experience

Having an app gives you a better and direct connection with your audience. It is like a bridge that fills the gap between the two and connects them. Studies have proven the majority of users prefer apps over mobile or desktop websites. While websites can do fulfill the mentioned tasks too, apps are just more efficient and faster to use.

With an app, you can provide better customer service through direct communication. You can also provide app-exclusive offers that would be for the benefit of the users. A user-friendly app results in improved customer-retention and loyalty towards the brand.

5. Added Revenue

Last but not the least, a business can also benefit financially through an app. Other than the aforementioned benefits that can increase your fortune, you can also earn directly through an app. The very basic way of that is the revenue that you generate through the downloads. You can offer different versions of your apps; paid or free. You still generate revenue through the free one. But if you provide extra benefits through the paid version, you can expect good earnings. Secondly, you can include ads in your app for which you get paid too.

The entire world is moving at a fast pace. If we want to stay in the race, we need to adapt to the change. The internet is that change and it is time to accept that as a fact. It is making many things easier and simpler and business is one of them. Marketing and networking are slowly completely shifting over to the internet. Having an official app for your business not only accomplishes these two tasks but also helps you grow your business and community.


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