5 Ways How Simple CRM Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

business growth

CRM can quickly become complex given the multiple communication channels, and several customer data points needed for personalized relationships. You don’t want to spend your energy on data entry instead of selling. 

A simple CRM software helps you avoid messy spreadsheets and overbuilt CRMs. Its intuitive interface can visualize your entire sales pipeline for effective tracking and action on your leads. 

If you’re out of the office for appointments, you can still avoid losing new opportunities by leveraging its mobile platform. 

Thus, a simple CRM builds quality customer relations and keeps tabs on all your leads on the go. It gives more time and energy to focus on improving your business relations to optimize your business growth. 

Here are a few ways CRM can help accelerate your business growth. 

1. Improve the Customer Centricity

If you’re looking to increase your business sales, you need to leverage customer-centricity. You need to put your clients first and at the center of everything in your business.

Customers feel special when companies prove they understand them and their specific needs. Chances are very high for these clients to choose an organization because of this aspect.

Therefore, you need to assume your client’s position and adopt the customer-centric strategy. A CRM is a perfect tool that offers an exceptional experience that clients can’t stop talking about. 

A simple CRM software and tool effectively tracks and documents a complete customer journey to tailor a unique purchasing experience. Moreover, it helps personalize potential clients’ interactions to assure them that you’re available with their individual needs.

With the CRM tool, you can see a client’s entire communication history at a single glance. This is because a simple CRM software streamlines every communication on one interface. The information starts from emails, appointments, notes, and other interactions. 

Moreover, CRM is efficient as it allows its users to set reminders to communicate to customers in real-time.

2. Enhance Customer Support

business growth

Customer experience before, during, and after a transaction is vital in shaping your client’s perception of your business. A quick response to your client is one of the best impressions you can make. 

However, due to various factors and a large number of responsibilities, your sales rep may be unable to respond in good time. And this disconnect in communication can harm your customer-business connection.

But with a central CRM system, your organization can easily prevent this from happening. Since a simple CRM for sales allows your employees to work together and handle customers’ inquiries quickly. 

The best simple CRM software shared amongst your teams gives you the confidence that no inquiry will go unanswered. This is because you will have all the communication in a central place in a shared team inbox. 

Moreover, the client’s needs may not go unmet in case of the absence of the other team member. This is because other staff can easily refer to your previous communication and assist the client. 

3. Improve Sales-Rep and Customer Relationship

Your sales representative’s treatment of your clients is essential for your business’s growth. The CRM system can store all this information for future use.

You can leverage the modern CRM that comes with an integrated virtual phone to help you record all the sales calls from your team.

The recorded sales call can help determine what needs to be improved or changed with the client interactions. This feedback is essential to all the salespeople in your organization. 

Besides, you can easily refer to the recorded calls when training new salespeople about the tone and message of your organization. Moreover, the CRM system helps you monitor your sales team’s key performance indicators using analytical reports. 

Therefore, a CRM system plays a critical role in ensuring that your organization stays ahead of the competition and continues to scale to greater heights. 

4. Regulate the Cost of Sales

cost of sales

There is no doubt about the impact of new customers on the growth of your organization. However, new clients are difficult to come by. But you can easily offset the costs of acquiring new customers by leveraging sales from your existing clients.

You can gain improved visibility into your client’s portfolios through cross-selling, upselling, and renewal chances. Leveraging this strategy can help you experience an increase in repeated sales because of the trust gained over time.

Here are some of the vital aspects of simple CRM for a small business or veteran business:

  • Automate business phases: A functioning CRM can help you observe customer interactions with your business. Use the information to prioritize leads and opportunities that can easily convert and close.
  • Communicate about your upsell and cross-sell opportunities: When you have a keen look at your dashboard, you can quickly tell the potential clients that you can upsell or cross-sell if they are suitable for ongoing add-on deals.
  • Leverage on referral business: You can opt to look into untapped opportunities from your current relationships to leverage on their business. This will help you save time and money from cold calling.
  • Improve your client touchpoints: You need to observe your customers’ behavior keenly to determine when to strike for the best reaction on a given opportunity. 
  • Improve the time to close: Having access to a 360-degree perspective of your customer allows you to coordinate your team on the next best steps to seal a deal.

5. Improves Your Business Email-Marketing Campaign

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to market your product or service, then email marketing could be ideal for you. Moreover, email marketing is more focused, unlike the other marketing strategies, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Besides, email marketing can help enhance your business’s brand recognition. Also, email marketing campaigns are easy to implement, track and measure their performance. 

Leveraging the CRM system exposes your client’s essential data like purchase history, contact information, and demographics. All this information is necessary for customizing email campaigns hence yielding better results. 

In addition, this approach improves your consumer interaction and email marketing campaign.  Therefore, resulting in a high return on investment on your marketing budget. 

Final Thoughts

A simple CRM is a cost-effective way of improving customer experience and driving business growth. It helps you adopt a customer-centric approach to help provide customized interactions through personalized email marketing. 

Its automation, and ability to generate business from existing clients reduce operational and customer acquisition costs. 

A simple CRM is easy to use, and having it can help you nurture business relationships to drive growth. 


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