5 Top Tech Advances of Vape Devices

top tech vape

As the popularity of vaping continues to soar, their technology is advancing rapidly too. Every device now packs various tech features, from disposables to high-performance mods, improving the overall user experience. For vapers looking to upgrade their devices or enjoy new features, it’s essential to keep up with these tech advances. Here are the top tech advances of these e-cig devices that every user should know about.

1. Disposable But Rechargeable

Disposable vapes have become popular due to their affordability and convenience. However, vape manufacturers like RELX CA have now improved on this by launching rechargeable disposable vape pens. Now, instead of using it only until the battery dies, you can use and recharge your disposable vape pen multiple times before the puffs run out and it’s time to replace it, helping you get the most out of each e-cig.

2. Dual Coils

Dual coil setups offered in many vapes provide a higher wattage output and faster heating than single coil setups. With two coils instead of one, vapers can create more vapor with less frequent hits or draws and produce a richer flavor. Dual coil tanks are perfect for professionals or enthusiasts who love big clouds and even heat distribution to enhance their experience.

3. Smart Screens

New models often come with intelligent screens that display essential information about the device and the vape juice. With an easy-to-understand display, these smart screens offer the user a better understanding of the power level, resistance, battery life, and more. By adding this screen technology to even the most miniature models, e-cig users have more control over their devices and how they use them.

4. Sub-Ohm

Are you looking for a bigger cloud? Then Sub-Ohm vapes are what you need. Sub-ohm e-cigs contain coils with a resistance below 1 ohm, which allows you to increase the throat hit and achieve more vapor with less draw. This is because the low resistance helps the device heat quickly and produce thicker vapor. However, note that these vapes are ideal for and primarily used by advanced vapers. Moving too fast to using a sub-ohm vape may be unpleasant.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

The innovations don’t stop at mods and tanks. With the rapid development of technology, Bluetooth has been bridged with vaping models, adding to the overall user experience. Bluetooth connectivity connects vapers to various apps that offer a better user experience, such as detailed usage reports and more precise temperature control. There are even unique apps that users can download to keep their usage and device performance under close watch.

Vaping Innovations

Vaping has continued to advance, and the above technologies are just a few innovations among the latest models that make the experience more enjoyable. E-cig manufacturers continuously improve their products to ensure the highest technology standards are met, and vapers have more control over their devices than ever before. With these exciting new features, using a vape has become more personalized and user-friendly, allowing users to enjoy extended battery life, unique flavors, and more.

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