5 Tips to Start Profitable Business on Instagram



More than 300 billion people use Instagram each day. And so, if you are planning to start a profitable business on Instagram, you are probably wiser than you think. With no investments, except your creativity and effort, starting a business on Instagram is quick, easy and profitable. It not only allows you to engage directly with your customers-to-be, but also build and expand your market fast. However, it is easier said than done. Getting your business on Instagram requires consistent effort, compelling content, great quality products and a loyal community of Instagram followers. The good news is – as long as you are providing value to your audience, there isn’t a need to fret! Check out the following actionable tips for Instagram business, that will ensure that you get the best returns for your effort on Instagram. 

1. Set Realistic Goals 

If you want to start a profitable business on Instagram, it is important to set achievable goals for your online business – short term as well as long term. Setting goals is important because they give your strategy a direction. Not only this, they also help you analyze the gaps that are preventing customers from reaching you, or identify breaks in sales funnels. By defining clear goals, you are in fact, creating a roadmap for starting your business on Instagram. 

Before you set up an Instagram business profile, analyze your objectives and define step by step strategies to achieve those goals. Take a look at some of the common brand objectives for social media:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Sales, Generate Revenue
  • Build Brand Identity
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Drive Website Traffic

Knowing exactly why you want to use Instagram for business is useful in taking measurable steps in that direction and keeping your Instagram strategy to the point. Moreover, it also keeps your overall budget in check. Further, since you already know the specific actions to take in advance, you also avoid loss of time. Whether you want to achieve one or more from these objectives. Defining them in advance keeps your business and yourself, more organized.  

2. Curate Strategy for Content, Design and Brand Identity 

Once you know the objectives, it is now time to curate your content strategy and an aesthetic for your brand. What kind of content does your target audience want to see? How do you want to appear on Instagram? Is your brand design consistent throughout the Instagram feed? These are crucial questions to ask for a successful Instagram content strategy and creative design that speaks to your audience. 

Further, your brand identity is what gets a profile visitor to hit the ‘Follow’ button on your Instagram profile. This is why you should get the basics done – profile picture, creative bio, relevant links and a clear username. When you optimize your brand profile, your audience knows exactly what your business is about, the products you sell or the services that you offer. While creating brand identity on Instagram, focus on your USP. Also, never forget to update the bio to announce sales, promote products or might as well use a catchphrase! 

3. Connect with Micro Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is probably the best thing that you can do to give your business a kickstart on Instagram. This is because influencers have an audience community who trusts them and likely to buy a product that they recommend. Further, by partnering with influencers in your niche, you get the benefit of visibility and engagement from an already existing community. Now, since these people are interested in the niche, they are also likely to convert into your brand new Instagram followers. In this way, your brand awareness increases, besides growing your Instagram followers. To start a profitable business on Instagram, start by building relationships with influencers by engaging with their content. Also, do not be afraid to reach out to macro influencers if you think the collaboration can add value.

4. Set Up a Content Calendar in Advance 

The key to social media success is to show up every day and be consistent. If you disappear for days after creating a post, then your audience will too! As a business embarking on its Instagram journey, being consistent on Instagram is your religion. And this goes both ways – neither do you want to stuff your audience’s feed with multiple posts in the same day, nor do you want to disappear for days altogether. This is why you should plan and create the content that you want to post well in advance. Be it weekly or monthly, being consistent with your posts helps you stay ahead of your competitors and make optimum use of time. Further, a posting schedule not only takes the heat of the last moment off your head. But, it also ensures that your Instagram followers stay engaged and look forward to your content. 

5. Measure Results and Audience Behavior 

Just like everything in life, businesses need to assess where they are going. With Instagram fortunately, you can see precisely the statistics that help you analyze what is working and what is not. With Instagram analytics, you can check whether your audience is engaging with your content, where the maximum engagement is coming from and audience demographics. Insights on Instagram also show post reach, impressions, website clicks and other concrete data. Further, you can see when most of your followers are active on Instagram. Backed by this information, you can optimize your Instagram content strategy and posting schedules to get maximum engagement and get more Instagram followers. 


With Instagram, you can truly start and take your business to great heights. Be it getting discovered by new customers, increasing sales, generating revenue, building customer relations or any related business goal. Instagram is a gold mine if you know where to dig! So, do the homework, do the research and get started with your business on Instagram without waiting any further. With every second delayed, you lose a potential customer! 


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