5 Tips to Help You Grow Your CNC Service Business

Venturing into a new business can be very challenging. This is especially true for a new entrepreneur going into business against competitors who are well established in the market. The manufacturing industry is seeing a shift in operations, and the new entrepreneur needs to understand how a CNC machining business can get new business and expand despite the challenges. Here are some suggestions for CNC entrepreneurs for growing their businesses.

1. Developing Partnerships

For most CNC machining entrepreneurs, the first days can be very uncertain with numerous challenges such as client lists, floor plans, or volume expectations, which need resolving. In such times, existing connections and friendships can be useful assets.  

Friends can direct clients your way and provide invaluable advice on viable business practices. Enter into partnerships that benefit your company. The fact is, having connections can bring you more business. Most people build networks via webinars and attending industry events.


2. Targeting your Market Niche

Generally, you are advised to focus on certain types of buyers that will purchase your products at the best rate. For instance, if you specialize in the production of gear shafts whose diameter is between 5 to 10 inches, establish relationships with clients who will buy this product at a rate that favors your production cycle plus your turnover.


3. Do Not Rush To Expand

Expanding your facilities before acquiring staff for maintaining or buying machines that are not cost-efficient can lead to slow business growth. It is better to think about a steady gain rather than making rapid gains that are not sustainable. A shop that houses a few employees and machines can still meet the national production averages. Ensure you also communicate your plans and achievements to your team.


4. Diversify Accordingly

As a budding entrepreneur, it is sometimes a good idea to take on jobs within your shop’s capabilities. Take on projects that provide you with results that are cost-efficient and allow you to diversify. If your CNC service shop can afford to take on a plastic fabrication contract as well, the diversity helps your business to attain sustainable growth when the CNC turning service market sector is on a downswing.


5. Embrace Technology

New technological innovations are costly to set up, and train staff, but have a long-term effect on business growth. It simplifies production methods and makes it simpler to do tasks that were once deemed impossible or impractical. New technology helps your business stay competitive. To fulfill your current and future orders, you might consider buying extra manufacturing equipment. Since growth is not guaranteed, buying more equipment is not an easy decision, but it has long –term positive effects. If you cannot afford a new computer, consider modifying your existing equipment and buy used CNC machines from Revelation Machinery, which requires lower investment and improves your cycle speeds and production capacity.



Improving your CNC machining business takes a considerable investment, and not necessarily financial. It takes a lot of commitment by developing partnerships with people who matter, targeting the right market, expanding at the right time, diversifying accordingly, and embracing technology. This requires significant investing by buying new equipment or upgrading the current machinery.


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