5 Things Startups Must Know About Logo Design


A logo is the face of the brand and it acts as an identity for a business. Every business needs a logo design to build an identity in the market. A logo design has numerous benefits to offer. It connects with the audience and tells them your story. Also, logos make you look professional and trustworthy. 

So, you must make proper time to design this important branding and marketing material or you could also search for a free logo maker to make your task easier. Or, you can hire freelance logo designers or graphic design firms to make you a professional logo. We have listed out 5 things startups must know about logo designs. 

1. The Why Behind the Logo

When starting your own company, there might come a time when you think about why you actually need a logo design. A custom logo acts as the face of the brand and represents it in front of your target audience. Being a startup, you will not have any built reputation in the market, you can create a brand new impression using a fantastic logo design. People see this when they interact for the first time with a business, company, or brand.

A logo creates a sense of professionalism. In a startup, you might be working in your basement, but the customers will think of you as an actual working business. A startup logo is not the defining element of the business but it matters a lot. 

In addition to this, a logo design is also responsible for connecting with the audience and sharing the values, and mission of your startup. The more people connect emotionally with you, the more your business will grow. Moreover, a logo creates your brand identity. 

2. Researching Your Competition is a Must

Before starting your business, having a look at your competitors is a must. It will give you an idea about what is already working in the market. Also, you know what is lacking so that you can be the one to provide. 

You must research your competitors thoroughly before starting any business process. Also, while designing your logo, it is best to see your competitors’ choice first. 

You will find out what kind of logo designs are working for your industry. Moreover, it will lower the chances of creating something similar. Once you have studied the competitors’ logos, you will be aware of their shortcomings. You can easily create a logo design which is unique and better than the competition. This way you can stand out and impress your target audience. 

3. The Truth About Logos

If you are developing a logo for your business and want to be successful, you need to know a few key points. 

You do not need to Spend Thousands

With a small budget, it can be difficult to hire a designer. Also, it takes time to choose a designer, share business information, and actually get satisfying results. Moreover, if you do not get a good designer, you are stuck. 

A free logo maker allows you to develop your own design according to your business needs while saving potentially thousands of dollars by enlisting the help of a graphic designer who may or may not capture your vision. Running a business is expensive, so save your resources by making practical decisions.

Instead, you can use a logo maker tool, you can easily create your own logo with your own hands. A logo maker tool is easy to use and costs less time, money, and energy. You can create designs even free of cost. There are loads of tools available such as Canva, Adobe, Designhill logo maker, etc. 

Color Matters

You might wonder, that colors in a logo are just chosen on the basis of liking but it is completely wrong. You need to focus on the demands of your business before you start picking colors. Take help of color psychology to pick colors that match with your brand. You can easily connect with your audience emotionally by choosing the right colors for your business. For instance, if you are running a cosmetics brand, feminine colors like pink or purple will be the best choice.

4. Focus on the Five Golden Principles of Design


Your logo design needs to be simple and easy to understand. You need to connect with your audience to make an impact and grow your business. A logo is useful for building a connection with the audience. However, for that to happen, your logo should look like that too. 

Create a simple logo design with very few elements. It will be easy to understand and connect with. Moreover, minimalist designers are trending these days. Nobody wants to look at complex and difficult to understand visual representations. 

So, create a simple custom logo design for your startup. It will even cost you less. 


Next, a logo should be versatile enough to be used at various marketing platforms. Your logo design will be displayed on plenty of different surfaces such as billboards, business cards, flyers, websites, social media, magazines, legal documents, etc. You must create a versatile logo design that looks best on every platform. You can even create different versions of the logo for different surfaces. 


A timeless logo ensures that your logo will stay popular for a long time. The most famous brands such as Chanel, Mercedes, McDonald’s, etc have had their logos for over 50 years now. This builds trust and makes you look consistent. So, take time and create a solid logo design that will not require changes every year. 


First of all, the elements of your logo design must match with your business and industry. You cannot choose a minimalist design in black and white for a toy store. A toy store logo must be full of colors and enjoyment to attract the target audience. 

So, the logo design you create, must fit well with your business and the industry you are working in. 


A simple and unique logo design with necessary elements is enough to create a memorable logo design. Try to remove any unnecessary elements from your logo to create a final piece that can be easily recognized and memorized. 

5. Be Unique

This is one of the most important things to know before starting to design a logo for your startup. Being similar to your competition can be disastrous for your business. You might lose your audience to your competitors because of that confusion. 

Moreover, the unique design attracts the target audience. You can create a unique design and impress your potential customers easily. People easily get attracted to something new and different. After that, you must have something valuable to offer to make people stay. 


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