5 Reasons Why Houston is the Future of Real Estate

Future of Real Estate

While the economy may rise and fall, and financial investment tips may always be met with caution, there’s one thing that’s remained true throughout the years – people will always need homes. 

And while Real Estate Brokers like Compass are always there to guide people towards their perfect home, development companies, real estate moguls, and humble homeowners alike are always on the lookout for that next wave of home investment opportunities. 

The continued mentions of Houston in these conversations have led to many forward-thinking people eyeing up the Bayou City. But why is the largest City in Texas such a big deal in real estate? 

Here are 5 reasons why Houston is the future of the real estate game. 

Reason 1: Powerful population growth 

A boom in immigration and job opportunities has given the Greater Houston area a population boost. While other states are experiencing some minor population decreases, Greater Houston’s population now stands at 7.2 million. With more people coming to Houston for work comes more demand for real estate. 

Reason 2: Employment opportunities in downtown Houston 

So, what has caused this increase in jobs and real estate demand? One major factor came when Sugar Land in downtown Houston began to surge forward as one of the country’s most sought-after places for innovative technology. 

Ecolab giants Nalco Champion chose Sugar Land as their $45 million development and research hub, and global corporations like UnitedHealthcare have also settled into Houston, offering an insight into the kind of companies who are sure to soon follow suit. 

Reason 3: Economic growth continues to thrive 

With the oil and gas industry that Texas is synonymous with and an influx of medical and technology industries, Houston businesses are doing essential work and elevating the entire area’s economy. 

Just last year The Texas Medical Center announced the largest Life Science Campus in the entire world, with a whopping $1.8 billion investment from some of the globe’s leading development teams. 

Reason 4: Texas is kind to businesses and homeowners

For a while, people were curious about why so many Silicon Valley companies were flocking to Houston. But with favorable tax rates to encourage businesses and homeowners alike, it’s not difficult to understand why people from all walks of life want to start a new life in Houston, whether they’re first-time buyers or big business conglomerates. 

Reason 5: Education and good quality of life 

All of these factors combined have created a place where people can settle down, get a steady job, and raise their children. Most people simply want a nice house in a safe neighborhood, and the chance to earn a good living at the same time. 

Houston is deemed a good place to live, and with the healthcare and educational benefits it provides, potential buyers can choose from over 40 higher-educational institutions. This final piece of the real estate market puzzle makes Houston the brand new beacon for the American Dream.


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