5 Reasons To Choose An Intranet Software For Small Businesses

Intranet Software

Small businesses often find themselves running out of time, as managing multiple deliverables while having a handful of employees is an everyday challenge. But that shouldn’t stop a small business from making progress and growing. 

Small businesses have limited resources and budgets. However, this doesn’t limit their will to achieve more. These businesses are always careful of the investments they want to make in building resources and availing tools that will help them become more efficient and effective in the market.

Intranet software for small business owners is an investment that can save time by making communication faster, engaging in collaborations easier, and sharing information seamlessly. 

A business intranet brings everyone together and puts all the operations under one roof, making navigation easy. Today, we discuss how a small business intranet benefits small teams for larger challenges. 

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs An Intranet Software

1. They are budget-friendly: In the US alone, there are 33.2 million small businesses, which is continuously growing. Often, these small businesses opt for free platforms instead of directly getting a subscription. These platforms come with limited features and a limit to the number of team members that one can add.

On the other hand, investing in a small business intranet comes with payment flexibility and is budget-friendly. Moreover, these platforms also offer customization options.

2. It takes the stress out of communication cycles: A small business often manages and takes care of multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously. It can get difficult without concrete planning to approach the tasks at hand. It slows down the process, adding to stress and chaos.

Intranet software can help streamline these processes. For instance, managers can update the deliverables on the intranet along with details or special notes to take care of.

Team members can pick these tasks and update the platform with corresponding progress (including issues faced and reasons for delay, if any). Whenever the manager wants an update, they can go directly to the platform and check for themselves.

This benefits teams that are working remotely by keeping everyone updated and in sync with the processes, regardless of time zones or where they are logging in from.

3. Improves collaboration: Small business intranet makes it practical for different working styles to come together and collaborate through a central framework.

These platforms efficiently bring teams together for brainstorming, ideating, implementing, reporting, and resolving. Integrations with Google Workspace or MS Office 365 apps further simplify collaboration.

As the intranet is hosted on the cloud, team members can have access from anywhere, from any device.

4. Is secure and safe to use and store information: Small businesses often have new resources, documents, and files being added to their library. Storing these on your computer hardware can be challenging due to memory limitations.

Modern intranet software is cloud-based, allowing uploading bulk documents and files that can be easily accessed and shared whenever needed. This feature also prevents information breaches and piracy by unauthorized sources.

5. Social intranet features break the ice: Business intranets are more than a platform where work gets done. Many intranets offer social media-like features that allow team members to connect by sharing images, videos, polls, tagging, and commenting. This feature makes the platform exciting and something that teams will look forward to

Moreover, activities on a post are often a conversation starter for new employees, making them feel welcome. The feature also contributes towards employee retention and satisfaction. 

Make Business Hours More Efficient 

With intranet software systems, small businesses can spend more time providing products and services instead of streamlining their processes. These platforms ensure that employees can keep track of the work they are doing every day.

Oftentimes, hard work goes unnoticed in an environment that is constantly thriving and growing. Still, start-ups can recognize and reward hard work with a small business intranet, eventually leading to higher employee satisfaction.

Is your small business ready to achieve more? Now is the time to get an intranet platform!


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