5 Reasons PMP Certification is Essential for Your Project Management Career

“Of all highest-paying certifications globally, the PMP was the fifth in 2016, and since then, the demand for this certification has been sky-high to have a promising and rewarding career as a project manager.”

Who Needs PMP Certification, and What Does It Entail?

PMP is a globally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) certification provided by the US Non-Profit Organization — Project Management Institute (PMI). It is highly essential for non-certified project managers who want to take their careers to the next level.

The recent PwC study found that PMP-certified project managers are responsible for more than three-quarters of top-performing projects. From here, you can understand the demand for PMP certification in the current market; that’s what we’ll be learning here, along with five reasons PMP certification is essential for your career growth. Let’s get started:

Why Are Careers in Project Management Booming?

management booming

Project managers ensure that the project remains under budget and finishes on time and that the best team members are competent in every process involved. The project should work efficiently for the clients, which is quite challenging, but certified project managers deliberately maximize the ROI.

Over the next ten years, the demand for project managers will see a significant spike by 33%, creating 23 million new job roles compared to other jobs.

5 Reasons PMP Certification Can Be a Great Booster for Your Project Management Careers.

PMP certification

Having PMP certification to your name has a lot of advantages from personal to professional growth, which will shape you into a better project manager over time. You’ll witness a better version of yourself with more skills and a thought leader of the future with diverse experience.

Here are five ways PMP certification can be a great addition to your career as a project manager if you’re wondering how. Let’s have a close walk through all the points below, which will help you understand PMP certification more clearly. But before that, here is everything you need to know about PMP certification eligibility requirements which you must know before proceeding.

PMP Certification Adds Credibility to Your Skills and Doubles Your Hiring Chances.

As a PMP certification holder, you speak the language of universal project management and understand the blueprint of managing the entire project effectively, which non-certified project managers fail to do.

The PMP certification itself speaks a lot about knowing the best about what you know. When you look for better opportunities, holding a PMP certification will ensure your chances are doubled for the knowledge and experience you have for more salaries. 

 The process is quite simple:

  • Apply for PMP certification.
  • Crack it.
  • Get your profile noticed among the recruiters to get noticed.
  • Happy onboarding!

PMP Certification is the Proof You’re Updated With the Ongoing Trends

Every five years, the PMI body is always on research to bring the best out of project managers to provide the best quality PMP training based on the current trends, so they keep updating and upgrading the syllabus to best fit all domains.

So having a PMP certification to your name proves that you know and have been updated with the ongoing trend in the market, understand the changes deliberately, and have hands-on experience implementing them in real-time that other project management certifications lack.

PMP Certification Helps You Find Better Jobs and Establishes Influential Relationships.

If applying for a job or looking for more salary, PMP certification gives you both by keeping you under the spotlight. With PMP certification on your resume, you’ll always be on the radar of the recruiter’s eyes to get more privilege and attention over non-certified project managers.

There’re over 850K PMP certification holders globally, so when you become a member of the PMP club, you get a lot of opportunities to meet new people. That’s where you can groom new project managers, experienced people from whom you can learn, share your experiences as thought leaders and vice versa will benefit so many, and that will lead you to establish influential relationships.

When you attend all those events and meetings, you will learn how to pay back through your expertise which will help you renew your certification and continue your PMP club.

PMP Certification Boosts Your Marketability and Earns You a Higher Salary.

PMP certification is accredited internationally and recognized all over the world’s business community so that your work and expertise in domains fetch globally recognized and appreciated for the same for your deed. It’ll legitimize your experience as a project manager and help you land any project management job of your choice regardless of domains.

Even if you look for a change in role, the club will always help you find a better one. In the case of salary, having a PMP certification will give you a 25% average hike on the current salary for your project management skills and knowledge you acquired through PMP certification.

PMP Certification Gives You Exposure to Working on Diverse Projects and Domains.

Project managers holding PMP certifications add a ton of value to the organization they work for. No matter how complicated the projects are, they make it simple and possess the ability to manage multiple projects parallelly. Even if there are serious issues, they make the setbacks easy by becoming more organized, fulfilling all the necessities, and taking calculated risks.

Therefore, the PMP certification gives you more exposure and helps you grow personally and professionally. It gets you better jobs and experience handling diverse projects irrespective of domains. In fact, with the available resources and minimum budgets, they work wonders in the said time by maximizing profits.

Last Words:

This article started with what PMP certification is, who all needs it, and why careers in the project management field are booming, creating ample opportunities for future project managers. Along with that, we walked through a detailed explanation about five ways PMP certification is highly essential for your project management career.

I hope you find this article interesting and valuable; if so, bookmark it for future reference. We wish you a happy and successful PMP career in advance.

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Ram TavvaRam Tavva – Senior Data Scientist and Alumnus of IIM- C (Indian Institute of Management – Kolkata) with over 25 years of professional experience Specialized in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. PMP Certified.

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Conducted myriad Project management and ITIL Process consulting engagements in various organizations. Performed maturity assessment, gap analysis and Project management process definition and end to end implementation of Project management best practices.

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