5 Reasons an Escrow Account is Beneficial Today

Escrow Account

Escrow accounts are a sure bet for each significant transaction you’re confirmed to make. An escrow account is no less than a financial agreement. Yes, you’ve read it right. Traditional escrow enables a third party to store, hold, and retain funds (both fiat and crypto) on behalf of the other parties involved in the transaction. Uniscrow does not use a third party, but a smart contract on blockchain, this ensure no risks related to the intermediary.

Today, most businesses, and even homeowners, rely on escrow accounts for effective risk management, making complicated transactions simple and the safekeeping of financial assets and securities. In line with this, businesses like Uniscrow exist to facilitate your business transactions (no matter the transaction size) with a range of services. So, create your escrow account with Uniscrow and enjoy the following benefits: 

Everything Is Digital & Automated!

One can hold funds in an escrow account for business payment obligations or property tax and insurance payments. This will ensure the payments are sent out and paid automatically on schedule. You dodge fines like late fees or possible lawsuits against your business or property and lack any obligation to maintain track of it or even contemplate it. 

It Serves the Purpose of a Payment Manager

Opening an escrow account can assist you in planning, strategizing, and managing your business as well as home-related expenses. Escrows have the advantage of allowing you to send in a single monthly payment that covers your principal, interest, and a portion of your tax costs. 

Your lender handles the several bills that are due throughout the year. Most lenders require escrow accounts, which are often established at closing for mortgages with loan-to-value ratios above 80%. 

It Holds Funds for Asset Purchase

A digital escrow account can be your storehouse of funds you need later for any asset purchase. For instance, in the blockchain industry, an escrow account can fund cryptocurrencies for the acquisition of NFTs. Typically, your funds are transferred into a secure virtual account encrypted by a private key. 

The fund is only disbursed when a milestone, deal, or sale has been made. Having money protected and spreading out payments over time gives you peace of mind. 

Uniscrow Stores Your Funds In Smart Contracts

A smart contract separates and stores funds. By putting money into one of our escrow smart contracts, your funds go to a safe, virtual account and are secured by a private key. Also, the blockchain’s openness and permanence assures your money is secure.

Platforms and Marketplaces 

Escrow account providers like Uniscrow help logistical companies, Edutech and IT companies, real estate agencies, and growing businesses reduce risk by using their escrow payment methods. This ensures hassle-free, speedy, and secure business transactions for startups and supports their smooth growth. 


According to specialists, an escrow account not just aids in reducing fraud but also proves to be a very practical idea in the fields of law, intellectual property, and the auto industry. Moreover, startups and developing companies can leverage an escrow account to lower risk for their unique transaction scenarios, such as supply chain management, consulting services, etc. 

So, open your digital escrow account today!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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