5 Qualities of a Good Estate Agent

Working on project together, making deal.

Are you looking to either sell your house or buy a new one but don’t know much about the process involved? Do you want to make use of an estate agent and need some guidance on choosing the right one?

When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure you hire a good estate agent, and if you’re looking for one, you can try these out. Not all agents are created equal, so you’ll need to look for certain qualities to find the best one for the job.

When looking for the right real estate agent for you, there are many things that you need to consider and many qualities that you should look for. Here are five of the most important qualities to look for in an estate agent.


Real estate agents are masters of the real estate world and when it comes to buying or selling your home, they know everything there is to know about it, or at least they should. When it comes to hiring an estate agent, there are a few things that you should look out for to find a good one.

One of the very first important qualities of a good estate agent is honesty. Honesty is crucial in this field and hiring an honest estate agent is the best way to get everything you had hoped for and more.

Since estate agents are working so closely with you to either help you find your dream home or sell your current home, they need to know a lot about you, but they also need to be telling you everything they can about the different homes and areas you are looking to buy so that you can make the best decision possible. Withholding information or not sharing information honestly could leave you regretting your decision.


Next up on our list is diligence. This is yet another incredibly important quality to look out for in an estate agent you are looking to hire. You want to make sure you are hiring someone who will work diligently and give you the best results possible.

There are many people out there who are not passionate about their jobs and just do it to get paid. However, there are many out there who absolutely love their line of work and therefore work incredibly diligently or give the best outcomes possible.


Knowledge is everything when it comes to real estate and there are so many different questions that a real estate agent can be asked. In this field, it is very important to have as much knowledge as possible about the houses and the areas in which the houses are.

You want to be able to ask your estate agent anything that relates to the property and for them to be able to answer as quickly as possible. This means that have a lot of knowledge on the area and the topic in general.


While connections are not the be-all and end-all, having an estate agent that has good connections can put you ahead in the game. Estate agents with connections will be able to show you houses that aren’t on the market yet, get better prices for you and so much more.

By having connections there is so much potential for you to have a far better and more pleasant experience.

Negotiation skills

Last but not least, negotiation skills are an absolute must-have. Estate agents will typically help you with the whole process from beginning to end. This includes finding the house, paperwork, and negotiations.

When it comes to buying a house, you don’t have to just pay the price they are asking for, you can make offers and negotiate with the seller for a better price. Since the estate agent will be helping you with this, they should be able to have great negotiation skills that will help you to get the best price possible on the house that you are looking for.

These skills are incredibly important as you could end up losing the deal if they don’t have the right skills for this.


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