5 Productivity Hacks Every Project Manager Needs to Know

Between every sunrise and sunset, we’re all given the same amount of time – everybody knows this. Then how is it that some people are able to consistently achieve so much more in their work before clocking out for the day? The most successful project managers seem to produce astounding results without putting in any more effort.

Well, perhaps they’re naturally more motivated. Maybe they’re putting something in their morning coffee. The reason varies from person-to-person. However, it’s safe to assume that most successful project managers have likely taken the time to identify and implement improvements in their daily routine. Let’s call them productivity hacks.

In doing so, they’ve become more organized, reduced their daily workload, increased their efficiency and developed better communication practices with coworkers, consequently improving the entire team’s productivity. Sounds good? Read on to discover 5 productivity hacks every project manager needs to know.


Communicate About Issues

Risks and issues with projects can result in costly setbacks. A productive project manager knows how to relay current issues with senior management, thus improving the chances of the project succeeding and building trust in their leadership abilities. Remember that nobody wants to hear about problems, so emphasize the way forward.


Eat the Ugliest Frog First

Don’t worry, this is more of a metaphor than an instruction. Thought-up by public speaker, Brian Tracy, the ugly frog symbolizes that dreaded, important task that you’ve been putting off. Instead of leaving it for the tomorrow that never comes, make eating that frog your first priority in the morning when your brain is most alert.

So, once you’ve identified the suspect, set aside an hour or two to take care of amphibious business. By tackling the frog first, you’ll no longer have to think about it as the day continues. You’ll be more prepared to take on any interruptions or unexpected tasks that come your way.


Hold Effective Meetings

An effective meeting involves clearly defining your desired outcomes before providing a writeup of actions and agreements within the next day. Encourage team members to participate and provide their input – you might just discover something valuable.


Leverage the Power of Technology

There’s an immeasurable difference between the traditional pen-and-paper way of doing things and using technology. Automation helps you eliminate menial tasks from your daily duties. Analytics provide valuable insights into your performance. Connectivity greatly enhances communication between team members.

The ways in which technology can improve the way you work are too long to list. But with the thousands of tools available on the market today, where do you start? Build the foundation for your tech-driven operations by checking out this list of project management tools on The Digital Project Manager.


Check Emails Less Often

Project managers who set specific times for checking their email benefit from dramatic improvements in productivity. Reducing how often you check your emails allows you to focus on more important tasks. Conversely, reading emails at specific times helps you concentrate on messages and compile more effective responses.

Effective implementation of these productivity hacks will help you become a more successful project manager. Keep an open mind to new solutions and don’t hesitate to experiment.


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