5 Powerful Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations [2021 Guide]

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Nonprofits have been hosting fundraisers from time immemorial. The hallowed tradition of gathering your donors and throwing a gala in the name of the cause has been a hit for generations, and rightfully so. Nothing appeals to philanthropists more than fundraising ideas and events where they can gather with like minds and discuss their charitable contributions to society.

Despite its success, fundraisers can inevitably get boring. If nonprofits keep throwing the same galas without change, donors will get bored of attending them. Stale ideas can lead to your donors moving away from your cause and find themselves drawn to other causes. Today, we shall take a look at some strategies that you can incorporate in your fundraisers and make them livelier.

Use the latest tech for pledge campaigns

Pledge campaigns are one of the most effective ways of garnering support towards your cause and donors often feel good about pledge campaigns as compared to other forms of fundraisers. As powerful as pledge campaigns are, they are also incredibly tough to plan. If you are not aware, a pledge campaign is where a donor makes a promise to give or contribute to a cause in the future. You can check certain websites out for easy fundraising strategies.

Technology has enabled us to process and run these campaigns entirely online. You can approach donors and collect their pledges without having to move a muscle. However, this also means that you need to invest in the latest technologies to get fruitful results. Here are some features you should look for in pledge software:

  1. Good user experience: The idea behind a pledge is to get donors interested quickly.  Look for software that provides the simplest pledge donation forms then you can go to payacharity which gives you an online portal where you can send digital donation requests to the supporters. Payment Processing for Nonprofits should be smooth.
  2. Core functionality: Look for software that can store donor details, including their bank details. This allows for one touch recurring donations and a very easy experience for the donors. 
  3. Flexible options: A feature where donors can enter their payment information after confirming a pledge is useful. This helps ease the pressure on donors and they will feel compelled to contribute when the time comes. 

Rework the online donation strategy

Almost half the world uses the internet on a daily basis and this number is set to grow as time passes. Nonprofits also see a majority of interaction happen online. It is for this reason that a nonprofit should dedicate ample resources to revamp their online presence. A good website and donation page is important.

Employing a good design language in your websites makes it look attractive and engaging. Your donation pages should have the most appeal. When looking for tech solutions for your website and donation page, consider these factors:

  1. Functionality: Check if the tech provider has the basics nailed. Features such as minimal clicks to donate, mobile optimization, and security should be included. 
  2. Customization: Every nonprofit has their own design language and your tech provider should come with customization options for the website’s colors, fonts, and logo. 
  3. Sharing options: People seamlessly share everything online these days and this should apply to your donation forms. Donors who feel compelled to your cause will share the page and give you much needed exposure. 

Use the power of the internet to increase outreach

Spread the word through the internet. This should come as no surprise as business, small and big alike use the power of the internet and social media to interact with their customers and supporters. There are ways for nonprofits to increase their outreach and attract new donors. Here are some things you can do to expand your support:

  1. Tell your story: By showing your donors the progress and the motive of your nonprofit you are trying to inspire them to join your cause. Using imagery with the story of your journey can be a powerful way to influence potential donors.
  2. Curate experiences: By creating special targeted appeals for individuals you are more likely to receive their donations. However, focusing on individuals can be time consuming and expensive, instead try to group people and appeal to them in this manner. 
  3. A unique strategy for each platform: Emails might work better with recurring donors and social media is better to appeal to new people. Utilise the power of each platform and create strategy for each media to get better results. 

Social fundraisers combined with gamification

By using gamification methods, donors feel like they are engaged in a competitive battle and will do their best to see results. A few tools that you should look into are:

  1. Thermometers: A thermometer that tracks the progress of your donation towards its end goal is a great way to appeal to participants to contribute more.
  2. Badges: If you use badges to recognize the efforts of contributors, they will feel like they have achieved something important. You can also add different levels for badges so they will feel like they have more to. Customizing your badges is also a good way to push the goals of your organization better.
  3. Leaderboards: People are competitive by nature, a leaderboard that showcases which donors have contributed will encourage others to match it and even do one better. This method is a great way to reach your goal. 

Utilise text to give features

While our focus is on technological improvements in the online world, you can also use the same tools to help enhance the experience of your in-person fundraisers. A great way to reach out to every attendee is to actively promote your text to give fundraising. This is a more convenient way to donate and for those that want to chip in with smaller amounts, text to give is the best option.

Using a dedicated text to give software like Donorbox can help you collect donations without actually putting in a lot of work. It is programmable through simple steps and it is also easy for your donors to set up.

Final thoughts

We hope that Incorporating these fundraising strategies will definitely help you collect more donations and get new opportunities in your upcoming fundraising campaigns.


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