5 Pet Essentials For a Happy Cat


When you first get a cat, you want to make it the happiest cat in the world. To various people, adopting a cat can mean many different things. Some people would like a cat to snuggle and stay on its laps, while others prefer a cat that doesn’t require too much attention.

Anyone who’s ever had a cat knows they are incredibly loyal and loving animals. They make great companions and provide hours of entertainment.

But, to keep your feline friend happy and healthy, you’ll need to provide them with some essentials. Here are five pet essentials for a happy cat.

Pet Essentials To Make Your Cat Happy

A happy cat starts by providing your pet with the essentials. From a litter box to plenty of toys, ensure your feline friend is comfortable and entertained. You can check out Pet.co.nz for good quality pet essentials.

Remember that introducing a cat to their new place might be stressful for both of you. It’s critical to ease your cat into the situation.

With these basics in place, you can be assured that your cat will be purring with happiness. 

1. Litter Containers

You can choose from a variety of cat litter designs. Once your cat uses the container, a self-cleaning litter box features a device that earns the soiled litter out. 

Although some owners enjoy cleaning assistance, these boxes are rather costly, and the technology can occasionally terrify cats.

A hooded litter box features a high cover that secures the cat while concealing the debris common in litter boxes. It can also prevent litter from being thrown over the container’s top and onto the ground. 

Some cats, however, are terrified of the cover and refuse to use a litter box that is enclosed. The litter boxes, regardless of type, must be at least 1.5 times the length of your cat, allowing them to spin around.

2. Bowls for Food and Clean Water

Because some cats resent having their food and water close, it is recommended that you keep them apart.

Only get “constant serving” dishes for the water, not the food. Letting your cat eat too much is dangerous.

To prevent spilling, owners must balance the bowls’ bottoms. Think about getting smaller, shallower dishes created exclusively for kittens if you’ve ended up adopting a kitten.

Cats wouldn’t want to feed and waste themselves in the same spot. Therefore dishes must be regularly cleaned and positioned far away from the litter box.

3. Carrier for Cats

It’s not simply for road trips. Double the carrier as a bed and keep your cat comfy throughout long car travels. Remove the door at home to keep the cat from locking itself in.

A cardboard box does not provide adequate air circulation, and a panicked cat might scratch their way through it. So, a plastic container with a lockable front door should be robust and allow appropriate flexibility.

There’s an easy remedy if you already have a carrier with a conventional swinging door. Put the carriers on its end, so the entrance faces the ceiling when you’re ready to load your cat.

4. Posts for Scratching

Cats require a clawing surface. It’s a natural tendency that keeps them safe and comfortable. Include at least one scratch station per cat to keep them from scratching your belongings.

To prevent the post from falling over, ensure it has a strong foundation. The post should be as high as the cat so they can extend and stand on its hind legs when clawing.

5. Collars for Cats

One features a bell and a lock that falls unfastened if the cat gets stuck. If your cat escapes or gets outside, you’ll be safeguarded with a collar, ID tags, and a microchip. Then no one will confuse them for a stray cat.

Your identity, home, and mobile number should be on the label. If your cat gets hooked on something, such as a tree limb, the collar should feature an automated mechanism that will detach it.

Ensure the collar is comfortable for your cat and won’t hurt their neck or interfere with respiration or eating. Leave sufficient space between both the collar and the neck.


One of the greatest pleasures of keeping a pet is introducing a new fur baby into your home. Whether you’re a new cat parent or have been around the block, there are a few essentials that all cats need to be happy and healthy. Make sure you choose the right pet supplies to keep your kitty content. 


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