5 Paths to Better Supply Chain Visibility


If you are yearning for true supply chain visibility, you have come to the right page since we are going to share with you the best paths to better supply chain visibility.

In this article, we are going to share with you five paths that you can take to get on the right track for improving your company’s SCV quality.

By having the accurate data into the companies, partners, suppliers, stakeholders, as well as customers, the supply chain visibility can improve the bujsiness process and growth in more exponential way. It allows all of the participants to track the products from the manufactuirng point to the final destination.

Supply chain visibility itself is not actually a new topic of discussion. But people have started raving about it since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has compelled businesses to adapt their solutions to the SCV directions.

The potential blind spots have been lurking in the shadows. If you have been running your business, finding it too late would be the last thing you want. It is important to improve the visibility so that the supply chain activities can be conducted without any problems.

It is important to invest in the technology and solutions offered by Agistix. Making Agistix as your SCV solution provider is the right decision. But it is only the beginning. Here are the five paths that you could take to get real supply chain visibility for your company.

Identify the problems first

To pull off the best solutions for your business, you will want to know the key pain points first. What are the problems in the supply chain that your company is trying to solve right now? Answering these sorts of questions will help you to identify the issues that will be handled mostly by the tailored solution from Agistix.

Consider jotting down some relevant issues. If you have added them to your paper, you could hold a meeting with your in-house team members. Tell them about your initial ideas. Let your internal team members help you brainstorm them. Then, after you and your team come up with some ideas, take on meetings with different divisions, vendors, logistics, and other stakeholders. Discuss the topic areas.

Focus on the most important issues. Then go into a deeper discussion. If you want to present a tailored solution for your company, Agistix professionals could attend your meeting.

Depending on the type of your business, your pain points might be different compared to those of other businesses. But in many cases, inventory management can be the biggest pain point that needs to be handled. But again, it might not be the case for your company.

So, work together with your team to research and review the data. It is crucial to find out which area needs the most attention first.

Add relevant components to your technology stack

To attain true supply chain visibility in your company, you will need to add the right components to the SCV platform. For instance, add the transportation visibility platform to your order so that you can have real-time transportation visibility to know the exact location of the products in your order.

Not to mention, this solution company can provide the customer with the information they need on their orders and shipments once they have left the company’s warehouse to the final destination of the product. Once the shipments leave the warehouse, it is important that all of the concerned parties know the real-time orders and shipment status.

The real-time SCV platform can transparently address the problem so that you can respond well to it. Addressing the exact problem is very important in order to overcome the hindrances that happen in the supply chain activity.

Make use of the powerful features of the SCV platform

If you are working with Agistix, then you can expect to attain the best SCV platform that can help you manage your supply chain visibility to the next level. Reputable and trustworthy logistics providers will be your best partners in monitoring the supply chain. You will be able to follow the movement of your products through the supply chain, providing support along the way. And when there’s a problem that occurs, you are able to respond well in no time.

The solution from Agistix makes sure that the system provides support along the way and ensures the customers know the shipments at the particular points.

The SCV tool must help you operate the supply chain with the right visualization. It can help you manage shipments, inventory, suppliers, as well as operational tasks. All of those components are working well together, with good transparency and supply chain visibility.

The adaptable solution includes a long list of technology stacks.You might have different technologies to adopt to attain the goals that are required in your company. Agistix is ready to help you out.

Overcome the information silos

If you have been running your particular business for years, there’s a chance that you have built up numerous information silos throughout your organization. It is definitely a hindrance to the high level of supply chain visibility.

It is important for all of the companies that operate today to remove the data silos. Eliminating silos can provide your company with security by preventing important data from reaching the wrong person.Moreover, reducing the silos can also eliminate the potential for errors and disruption in the process.

Use the cloud

Your business might be one of those affected by the pandemic, so you are adopting remote work during the difficult times. Obviously, it can be challenging for all of the team members and partners to communicate and collaborate.

But you can manage it once and for all by using the cloud service.

Many companies have solved their problems when they found the cloud service. Global cloud services have been exponentially rising since 2020.

Agistix states that they have also played an important role in accomodating the remote work logistics visibility platform.

Contact Agistix now to learn more about this opportunity.


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