5 Paid Techniques to Grow Your Instagram Following

When most people use Instagram, they want to stick to free techniques to get engagement and followers. But the problem with free techniques is that they take time to work. It can take months and maybe even years to gain thousands of followers.

Can you afford to wait that long? Do you want to gain followers quickly?

If you don’t mind spending money and gaining followers quickly, you can use the below techniques. Instead of trading time and losing years, you’ll be trading money and gain results in days.

Influencer marketing:

There are countless influencers with thousands and millions of followers. A simple mention of your handle in their photos and captions will help you gain thousands of followers in a few days.

Some influencers will do this for free, both those with large followings had to work to get there. They’ll prefer getting paid instead of doing it for free. So, make sure you set a good budget for this.

And only work with influencers who have a targeted following. As the aim isn’t to just get any followers but to get followers who will buy from you in the future. What’s the point of spending all this money on followers if you don’t plan to profit from it?

You might also want to look at engagement levels while researching influencers. As those with low engagement levels have a lot of fake followers or are attracting the wrong audience. A mention from their account will either result in low or irrelevant followers who won’t engage with your content.

To research these accounts, you can use a tool like SocialBook and trendHERO. It’ll help you find influencers with real followers and high engagement levels and reach out to them.

Buy an account:

Another option for you to get followers Instantly is by buying an Instagram account. There are many influencers who don’t want to be influencers anymore so they list their accounts on sites where people can buy Instagram accounts. Some of them are from businesses that closed down.

If you don’t want to wait days to gain followers and would like them today, you can purchase an account. It can become a secondary account. You can use it to directly promote your products or your primary account and help it gain followers. You can actually buy multiple accounts and use them to promote your business.

Here too, be careful about the account you buy. It should have a real following and high engagement levels. So, make sure you assess it for fake followers and engagement.


Ads are a great way to get followers quickly. Be warned that they’ll cost more than the above two techniques. But you can get a very targeted following as Instagram’s ad settings let you target a very specific audience. You’ll also be able to calculate to see how much it costs to gain a follower and set aside a budget every month.

Instagram doesn’t have an ad type that lets you create ads for followers like Facebook does, so you’ll need to get creative here. You’ll need to create an ad with traffic as the goal, but instead of linking to a landing page, you should link to your Instagram profile.

For best results, pick your best content for the ad. The strategy here is to show this piece of content as an example and ask people to follow you to see more content.

Don’t stop with one ad though. Instead, create several versions of the ad with different pieces of content and see which one generates the most followers. You can run these for a month on a small budget. Then remove the ones that generate the least followers and scale the budget for the one that performs best.

How quickly you grow with ads will depend on your budget. If you have a large one you can gain thousands in a short span.

Mentions in publications

Many people don’t know this, but mentions of your Instagram account in top publications like Business Insider, Washington Post, and Buzzfeed will get you a ton of followers. These sites are very credible and get millions of visits every month. So, a mention of your account will help a lot. If you have got the budget you should commission a sponsored post. It’ll cost several thousands of dollars, but it’s worth it.


Contests and giveaways are another way to gain Instagram followers. If you give away an expensive prize that your target audience craves and make it necessary to follow you to take part in the contest, you will generate a ton of followers in a couple of weeks. You’ll only spend a minimal amount on the prize. But you can combine it with other paid techniques like ads and influencer marketing to scale results and get maximum followers. Contests can also help you build your email list and generate sales.

Contests can cost less than the other techniques, but they take more time to set up.


These are all the paid techniques you can use to grow your Instagram following. Use them if you have a large marketing budget and want to grow your following quickly.


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