5 Necessary Software And Add-ons To Open And Run The Restaurant

It is not particularly hard to open a restaurant, however, managing it to bring revenue is not a walk in the park at all. Of course, you need a particular set of skills and mindset, and a lot of knowledge, to achieve success. However, doing all of your tasks manually can be tough, and in an era of marketing automation, you would need a bit of help, wouldn’t you? This is why we step up to help you. We decided to share a few tools and ideas of what to implement to run your restaurant, and why you should consider such an implementation. Ready to rumble? Let’s start.


POS system 

If you want to be successful in this sector, you need to apply the POS system to your strategy. Otherwise, keeping track of the condition of your business can be way harder. With POS systems like Square, Revel or Impos, you can take over control payments or receipts, track inventory or easily give refunds if it is needed. Just imagine doing it all manually, on a larger scale. POS (Point Of Sale) systems are must-have for every restaurant. What is also important is that it delivers a lot of data for you to process and make the most of it, optimise some businesses operations and identify potential bottlenecks.


Accounting software in the cloud

Having any accounting software in the cloud – Xero, QuickBooks or Myob, just to name a few – gives you flexibility, accessibility and convenience. In the past, accounting tools were very advanced and overwhelming for business owners, including restaurant owners. Now, it is just a bit easier with intuitive and light software for a daily basis usage. While in the past, accounting software was somehow designated to large businesses only, now it is a bit different, and even smaller companies should get into accounting tools.


Accounting integration software

POS systems and accounting software basically call for accounting integration. Such integration combines the features of both sides to give you a powerful system to manage your restaurant like a pro. Providers usually offering sales sync, purchase orders sync and payroll sync. Why would you do that? Synchronizing sales records makes it a breeze and gives you a better overview of how your business is doing, and save a lot of time with automated data export.

Integrations also allow restaurant owners to retrieve data from the POS system and have it exported & regularly updated in the custom POS reports. Thanks to this integration software, you can synchronize sales data from a few sources, and product data based on their quality and amount. With such an impressive set of data, you won’t get lost in the business – which nowadays is nothing but data-driven. 


Basic rostering software for controlling wages

You do not need anything sophisticated here – a basic, simple for everyone to use and understand, the software will definitely make do. With the rostering software, you take care rather of the effective management and measurement instead of overcontrolling, The right rostering software can help you identify any bottlenecks in your staff: whether you are overstaffed, understaffed or everything works brilliantly well.


Basic Inventory software for controlling cogs

Taking a look into your staff and any rostered shifts is not enough – you should also keep an eye on inventory. This is where the most basic and secure inventory software for controlling cogs can be beneficial, to help you make sure that you are making the most of your business and do not waste anything.


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