5 Must Know Golf Tips For Women

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Unfortunately, golf has become a male-dominated sport over the years — for a much longer period than women have been allowed to even participate in games! This has made it quite difficult for women to wedge their way into the industry.

Getting started playing golf can be quite an overwhelming feat for the first-time golfer, but is increasingly overwhelming for a female golfer. As a result, women golfers tend to be looked at like they are completely different players to their male counterparts.

They are also most definitely overlooked in terms of the talents that they possess!

Usually, this is due to a perceived lack in terms of swing speed. The best news is that this isn’t always the case. Many female golfers possess a completed skillset to compete in the big leagues like just about anyone else!

Whether you are a woman looking for more information about the right kind of equipment you need for a game of golf, or simply want to find out how to prove yourself and play a successful game of golf as a female golfer, this article is for you!

1. Don’t Shy Away From Getting Aggressive

A lot of female golfers have amazing rhythm and tempo in their swings that generally does wonders for helping with consistency. Yet there’s something to be said for having some sort of aggression on the green, too, in terms of playing and overall attitude.

The key is to never shy away from the ball if the situation calls for it. Make sure to stand tall, swing confidently, and then complete your shot with your hands held proudly and high in the air. You also need to be facing your target.

Accuracy and well-developed strategies are also equally important if you are attempting to shoot lower scores while also improving your handicap. However, power also plays a pretty huge role in the general game which, let’s face it, can be so much fun if you do it right!

To set up to properly hit the ball and knock it far, you will need to create some room for your body to properly torque. You’ll also want to leave some space to unwind through the ball with a lot of authority.

2. Learning How To Swing The Club Is Crucial

Golf has the same official rules regardless of the tees being used. Yet one golf tip for women that stands out is the importance of learning how to correctly and effectively swing the club.

Understanding the fundamentals of the golf swing and learning how to hit a golf ball may be a little bit difficult at first but can prove to be very fun. After all, you cannot play a good game of golf without accurately swinging the club!

If you are a beginner or simply want to brush up on your golf swing skills, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your abilities. 

The most effective way to do this is to take lessons from a golfing professional who specializes in helping others learn and understand the mechanics of what a proper golf swing is.

A lot of people swear by this type of instruction and tend to develop a whole new base of skills and techniques to learn from.

If this isn’t to your taste, you may also want to consider finding a clinic or a group class where there is an emphasis on this specific skill. This is an informal, easy, and low-key way of learning golf skills with other women who are also in your position. It’s also a great social opportunity!

3. Consistency Is Key

Like with any type of exercise, consistency is key with golfing. This tip applies to anyone who enjoys playing a game of golf. Consistency does not just apply to repeat practice of learning the golf swing but also refers to your ability to hit the golf ball.

If you can swing and get at least five additional yards or even swing with some consistency and hit it a little bit short but still down the middle, make sure you choose consistency.

Women golfers often get a small break after playing from the “ladies tees.” Here, the goal is to officially become as accurate and consistent a player from this point. It simply means that you don’t need to worry at all about driving the green.

In addition,you also need to ensure that you are very consistent with your putting stroke. If you have a putting stroke that is a little inconsistent, this will likely cause some issues with your confidence and also with your ability to successfully make putts.

Instead, you should focus on achieving a consistent stroke every time and also improving the general roll of your putts as you go.

4. Women’s Golfing Equipment Isn’t Always Best 

Women golfers tend to have much lighter shafts, lighter club faces, and lighter and slimmer grips. This adds up to create one of the lightest possible golfing combinations, allowing women to maintain more control over their actions on the green.

Men tend to put a lot more brute power into the swing and therefore require much stronger steel golf shafts to increase the overall weight of the golf club.

However, not all women’s golfing equipment is always the correct (or best) choice for every female golfer! Instead, it all depends on your approach to playing golf and the power that you have in every swing.

If you happen to be a pretty fast swing speed player or are simply a relatively tall woman golfer, you may find more success while using either senior or men’s golf clubs. In fact, they might be the best possible fit for your playing needs! 

Simply put, you shouldn’t become fixated on the idea of needing to explicitly use golf clubs designed for women. This theory also applies to golf balls for women which hardly ever offer high spin.

Do not stress out about using the women’s version of the golf ball. All you need to do is switch to a relevant product that allows you to hit the performance levels that you need.

5. A Wider Stance Isn’t Always Best

A lot of female golfers are instructed to adopt a wider stance by other people playing during a game of golf or by friends or family that are simply trying to help.

Balance is a crucial aspect of every excellent golf swing. It entails the upper body and shoulders rotating around 90 degrees to the right and the left throughout the swing. With all of this excessive movement within the upper body, there must be some sort of stable base situated below it to accommodate a complete rotation.

Make sure you manage to set up your stance before you hit any golf shots with your feet situated shoulder-width apart.

Having proper posture is absolutely essential for all women golfers. If your stance is a bit too wide then it may become quite challenging to get all of your weight off your back foot and generate the right amount of club head speed.

You may want to consider standing with your feet together to hit shots. The end results — and your success — may really surprise you! 


These are the 5 must-know golf tips for women. While all of these tips will not automatically improve your playing abilities while you are out playing on the green, you will stand to learn how to develop some vital skills to achieve an all-around better game of golf.


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