5 Major SEO Concepts That Can Power Your Search Performance In 2022


Many businesses and marketing professionals have several misconceptions when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. For starters, they feel that a strategy that every expert talked about in 2015 is still delivering the same results. 

As a discipline, SEO Services is highly dynamic and vibrant. In simple words, what works last week might not be after a new Google update. This is why leading digital marketing agencies and SEO professionals always try to keep themselves updated on the latest happenings. 

If done right, SEO as a digital marketing strategy can yield rich dividends. An SEO company will assist you to optimize your search presence, improve rankings, generate more web clicks, and lead traffic. Additionally, what follows from all the above are better sales queries, more conversions, and higher revenues!

In this resource article on SEO, we are going to look at five major SEO concepts that can power your search performance in 2022. We speak to leading experts that offer SEO Singapore services and find out about the concepts in greater detail.   

List of 5 Major SEO Concepts to Power your Digital Performance in 2022

1. Understanding Core Web Vitals

Just like a human body’s core web vitals include Blood Pressure, Sugar Levels, Sodium, and Potassium, so do websites have them. For websites, core web vitals include- 

  • The loading speed of the web pages
  • Presence of web security- HTPPS (SSL certificates)
  • Information on the web pages
  • Technical structure (URL arrangement, meta title, and description)

Understanding all these core web vitals is critical to powering your search performance. All search engines including Google consider them the very basis or foundation for a strong web presence. Your On-Page and Technical SEO should be able to take care of them.

2. Mobile-First Indexing is critical to success

A couple of years back, Google shocked the digital community by announcing that it had shifted to a Mobile-First Indexing Policy. When asked the reasons for the same, the company responded by saying that more than 70% of its search results come from mobile devices. 

As a business, mobile optimization and responsiveness are critical to your search performance. Make sure that your website’s design and content do not get compromised on mobile or tablet screens. This can reduce the merit of your website in the eyes of search engines. 

3. Content is still the undisputed king

No matter what you do, you need to understand that SEO is dependent on high-quality content. All the tricks and tips that were previously employed by SEO experts do not work in 2021! The following are some major areas where good quality content can play an important role- 

  • Guest Posting
  • Link Building
  • Website Blogs
  • Q and A Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters

This is why you should never compromise on creating informative, educative, long-format and SEO-optimized articles for your business. The only thing that rules is high-quality content. If you think your SEO and content writing skills aren’t up to par, consider using ShortlyAI writing software (or some other AI writing assistant) to help you get things done without compromising on the quality.

4. Google loves E-A-T in assessing websites

If you have been doing your homework on SEO, you must have come across the terms EAT. This refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. For search engines, websites or businesses need to emerge as leaders on information around their niche. 

The goal is not to sell products or services, but to cater to the queries and responses of what people are looking for. SEO being an organic discipline is respected since it tries hard to provide context and information to the users. Many have come forward and stated that EAT has a direct as well as indirect bearing on rankings. 

5. Focus on search intent and semantics of the user

Very few people would be able to recall the Hummingbird Update of Google in 2013. The update strengthened the belief around the user’s search intent and the dominance it enjoys for Google’s algorithms. In 2021, everyone seems to be talking about semantic search without trying to understand what it really means. 

People do not type search queries in accurate language or construction form. For search engines, this means that the challenge is to understand the context of why something is requested by the user. It also means that highly detailed and informative articles that provide in-depth knowledge on a topic have a far higher chance to rank on search engines

The Final Word

SEO is not as easy and straightforward as you might think it to be. Reading a few pieces of literature here and there will not be able to help you execute cutting-edge SEO strategies that will deliver results right from the get-go. Websites are just like human bodies. No two are the same, carry the same problems or have the same strengths. Just like different medicines and treatment plans affect human beings differently, so do too SEO strategies. If you would like us to assist you in framing your SEO strategy, please reach out to us in the comments below. 



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