5 Innovative Startups To Watch

Innovative StartUps

In this article, we will present five startups that you should know about. These startups are innovating their industries and are providing lots of value to their partners and clients. They are led by talented entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance and enable further developments in technology.


Truvid is a leading video technology company that enables instant connectivity to a live video ecosystem. Premium publishers use their SAAS platform & technologies to monetize their sites and distribute content to billions around the globe. Advertisers like Google and Yahoo trust their platform to access brand-safe, high-quality, and transparent ad inventory. 


Storycards is the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no-code.

The platform’s workflow lets editors come up with great interactive experiences, mix and match from various products such as Quiz, Poll, Lead Form, and more to create a unique engagement and customize behavior experience according to their needs, design, and brand guidelines. Storycards also lets publishers learn more about their users and get real-time user data to find audience and content insights. Create smarter segments based on their choices and run personalized advertising campaigns. 


Simpool has developed an AI-based sandbox that analyses end users’ journeys, enabling App & Product developers to answer the most essential question for their product success – “What if?”. With an easy server-to-server API-based integration, Simpool will output: in-game insights, user segments, and most profitable predicted configurations. Simpool grants Product, Monetization, and User Acquisition managers, a competitive advantage by enabling them to gain 10x faster time to insight on data, 100x more exploration options, and 20x quicker product iterations, resulting in saved time, effort, and the ability to predict churn, conversion and LTV.


Cyfluencer.com is the only cybersecurity influencer marketing platform in the world. The platform connects cybersecurity companies & publications to cybersecurity social media influencers. Cyfluencer provides cybersecurity companies a solution to demand generation and influencer marketing – at scale, by getting dozens of influencers to share their content and insights on their behalf to their followers.


Crymbo technology enables the mainstream financial companies to bridge an important gap by removing certain challenges and barriers existing in the market today, powering them to become a meaningful player in the digital assets marketplace. Based on Crymbo’s holistic approach, the company has created a global network of financial companies, powered by a clearing and settlement blockchain rails, that enable direct access to a wide range of decentralized financial products under a single platform, eliminating the counterparty risk.


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