5 Importance of Scheduling a Business Tax Depreciation

By Eric Reyes

As the year approaches the end, it is important for businesses to ensure that they have sorted their tax depreciation schedules.

There are many advantages of scheduling a business tax depreciation early. Some of the advantages include being able to get the most out of your and maximize your investment.

What is business tax depreciation?

Brisbane Quantity Surveyor, Property Returns states that the Australian taxman allows owners of properties to claim or decline depreciation through deductions. Although this does require a tax depreciation schedule performed by an accredited business.

Depreciation is normally considered as non-cash deductions. This means that investors or business people don’t require any money for them to make a claim.
With the end of the year quickly approaching, property owners should ensure that they submit applications to all the deductions, they are eligible to. This is one way to increase their returns.

If for example, you own a property that’s generating income, then you can claim deductions associated with the structure of the building together with the equipment and any other assets within the premise.

It is always important to put your depreciation schedule in order before the financial year ends. This will ensure that you maximize the deductions and make sure that everything you are qualified for is claimed.

The best way to achieve this is by working with a reliable company such as Gold Coast Tax Depreciation Schedule.

Below are 5 benefits of scheduling a business tax depreciation:

1. Maximize your returns and investment

One of the main advantages of scheduling a business tax is maximizing your investment. This is because all businesses that submit a tax depreciation report have a chance of making up to 60 percent return fro their property, per year.

However, you need to present the report as early as possible and ensure that it is done correctly. You will be guaranteed of several benefits after submitting the tax depreciation report.

2. Partial yearly claims

In case your business has recently acquired an asset, you don’t have to wait until the following financial year to make a claim deduction. There’s a possibility that you are missing out on great saving opportunities.

The law allows any business to make partial deduction claims, for any property owned by the business. For instance, if a commercial property has been rented or owned for more than six months, the business owner qualifies for 50% of the annual deductions.

Normally, the depreciation value of your business assets is increased or reduced depending on how long one has owned the property.

3. It can reduce your taxable income significantly

Most businesses in Australia are still unaware of the tax legislation that give them a chance to claim depreciation from their property or assets. As a business owner, you can easily reduce your taxable income by scheduling a business tax depreciation.

It is estimated that the average business owner in Australia receives approximately $5,000 to $10,000 in the form of deductions. This is not a small amount of money when coupled with a depreciation claim.

4. Increases cash flow for the business

Any business needs a good amount of money flowing within the business at any given time. A tax depreciation schedule can help you achieve this, by saving on the money you pay for tax and allow it to circulate in the business.

However, you need to find am experienced company to help you with scheduling the tax depreciation report. Although you will be charged for the service, it definitely can’t be compared with the returns you will get.

5. Helps you monitor the condition of your assets and property

It is important to understand that a tax depreciation report is an official document that shows all the items or assets that qualify for depreciation. This means that every year your accountant should be able to list all of your assets as well as the condition they are in.

This process is beneficial because it helps you to know which items or assets need to be repaired or disposed of. In other words, it helps you to plan ahead.

Bottom line

The importance of scheduling a business tax depreciation cannot be overemphasized. There are numerous advantages that businesses can get from this.

Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that your tax depreciation schedule is done by an experienced tax depreciation company.

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