5 Impacts Of COVID-19 On Household Cleaning Services

The ongoing fight with COVID-19 has made one thing mandatory – household cleaning. According to the World Health Organization, disinfection practices are vital for homes to reduce the novel coronavirus’s potential contamination. The cleaning priorities involve surfaces that are regularly in contact with your skin, like door and window handles, kitchen-slab, toilet taps, electronic devices, and many more. Health stipulations and rising awareness about wellness have mandated the use of household cleaning services. 

The data shows the unprecedented growth in demand for cleaning services has made this industry grow by 195 percent in sales. However, the impact of COVID-19 is not limited to the sudden surge in demand. There are many noticeable impacts of this pandemic on the services household cleaners Inner West Sydney provide. We are discussing five main points here for a comprehensive understanding of the same.

1. Boost In Commercial Cleaning Services

Coronavirus scare has forever changed the meaning of cleaning. There was always a basic cleaning standard for household-cleaning, but today sanitization is on the top of the list. Besides, the usual cleaning processes that involve vacuuming and emptying the trash does not help get rid of deeper dirt, allergens, and pathogens that often stays in the carpets, blinds, or probably at a corner. Commercial cleaning service providers are knowledgeable and trained enough to handle your cleaning problem professionally. Also If you have antique doors in your house then it’s important to take care of it’s cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.

With correct tools and effective products, cleaning services eliminate the dust, oil, and germs for the maintenance and restoration of your entire home. Moreover, these service providers take care of the safety guidelines by wearing proper personal protective equipment, gloves, masks, etc., during cleaning and sanitization processes.

2. Surge In Sales Of Household Cleaning Products

The pandemic has exponentially accelerated the demand for cleaning products. The requirements have risen for disinfectant sprays and wipes, surface and toilet cleaners, and hand sanitizers. Undoubtedly, sustainable homes in terms of cleanliness have been instrumental in driving this growth. Besides, prevention of transmission of infection, boost in hand hygiene, and frequency in cleaning the surfaces also augment this growth. 

According to reports, the global household cleaning products market will grow USD 15.7 mn by 2024 with a CAGR of almost 5 percent. Initially, manufacturers were not prepared to meet the sudden increase in demand due to panic buying. Gradually they met the demand-supply gap of COVID-19 prevention products efficiently with increasing manufacturing, robust supply chain, and online presence. 

3. Competitive Services And Market

At present, there is tough competition in the cleaning services. The cleaning service market was majorly dedicated to the developed nations, but the pandemic is seeing a considerable rise in these services globally. According to the MEFMA, Middle East Facility Management Association, this service has witnessed an upsurge of 95 percent during the COVID-19 in the Middle East.

The large companies still have a better hold in the market with their presence in various locations. In contrast, small companies are competing efficiently in local markets for small businesses and residential customers. Before COVID-19, partnerships, acquisitions, and new product launch strategies were followed by the companies for getting a competitive advantage and a solid base. Companies are now keeping customers happy and satisfied by focusing on competitive pricing, impeccable services, and adopting the latest cleaning technologies keeping the corona-regulations in mind. 

4. Development Of Advanced Products

Many businesses are adding entirely new elements to their cleaning products and services. New technologies like electrostatic sprayers have caught the attention of many commercials. These guns spray the disinfectant on the surfaces to attract and repel the molecules creating an even coating. The USP of this product is it does not require several hours for disinfectant particles to settle down for reusing the space. 

There is also janitorial software that helps clean companies to streamline their processes. From price quoting to quality control and personnel management, this software can well-organize the work. Other innovations include antimicrobial LED lights and door-knobs, devices that use UV rays to kill viruses, and new air ventilation and filtration systems to ward off this novel virus.

5. Adoption Of Eco-friendly Cleaning Services

Cleaning, disinfecting, and COVID mitigation are the prime concerns for any business or residence. While doing so, you may come in contact with various harsh chemicals present in these products. Green cleaning involves using eco-friendly alternatives that are equally healthy for you and the environment. To make your searches easy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified 468 products that can act against the virus. 

These products have antimicrobial ingredients that are safe for health and the environment. Besides, there is also equipment like sprayers that offer more chance of sustainable cleaning practice.


There has been hardly any industry that has not been impacted by COVID-19. Household cleaning services are no exception. Only, the impact is positive in terms of rising demands, health facilities, and sustainability. The pandemic has also pushed this industry towards diversification, where the companies are providing a variety of improved specialized services for delivering the best results. Undoubtedly, this industry knows how to provide quality and sustainable services to make your home super-clean and have a lasting impact on your wellness.


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