5 IAM Software Mistakes You Are Still Making in 2023

IAM Software

IAM Software mistakes can cost you not only a whole lot of money but also a lot of the peace of your mind and we do not want that. It is always the small things that make the biggest of differences and the same is the case when you are out choosing an IAM software for your company. Following are the most common misconceptions that can really make your IAM experience go from breezy to crazy in a very short time. 

1. Not Considering Scalability

It would be a really rookie mistake to not consider the scalability of your IAM and how it is going to span out over the course of the coming years. Having a plan in mind is a good place to start and that might be all you need when it comes to avoiding this major mistake. Try to determine the trends in business and how they would shape up in the future for your company for maximum IAM scalability. 

2. Missing Out On An Environment Analysis

Missing out on an environment analysis is one of the commonest mistakes companies make when implementing IAM software. You need to consider what is the current environment of your company and how it is going to evolve in the future. It can be on-premise, cloud based, or a hybrid of both those environments. Whichever pathway your company takes, this understanding will help avoid so many future errors. 

3. Not Documenting Additional Applications

Another mistake that you are very likely to commit is not considering the additional applications that will ultimately interact with your Identity and Access Management Software. It could be something very basic as a cloud based service like SaaS that you might need to figure out before you take up the task of the IAM implementation. This simple mistake can cost you not only a lot of time and money but a whole lot of struggle on the team’s part. 

4. Not Setting The Right Goals For Your IAM

It is very easy to go wayward and not consider what you are actually using your IAM solution to protect. Set out a clear outline for your IAM solution to avoid vague expectations, it is one of the top favors you can do for yourself. Some enterprises focus on protecting everything. They set up their IAM to take care of not only their users and passwords but also all system and data details whereas other companies make up a setup where specific data and systems are protected. 

5. Figuring Out The Type Of Service

Often times the biggest errors come when a company does not consider whether it needs an independent running of an IAM solution or will a managed service work best for them. One thing that would give a lot of clarity would be the consideration of the fact whether a company has the right kind of skill set, number of people and finances to run an independent IAM solution software. It is sometimes great to incorporate a pre-managed service that has a successful working framework already in place. 

Steer clear of these mistakes and we are sure your IAM solution will truly be the best thing to happen to your company.


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